The I'm drunk thread


You're from Utah. You're not allowed to post in the drunk thread. :P


That's not a peacoat, not even close. Overcoat is a better term. A peacoat is heavier and would be removed indoors.


This looks like a topcoat and suit jacket spent a romantic night together and produced an ugly bastard lovechild hybrid.


Good ol' rum. It's been too long, my friend.


I'm not drunk, but I am relaxed enough to note that goddamn I love Bombay Sapphire.


So is there a suffering from a little hangover thread here someplace?


Oh man she is so fucking hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Has anyone else here ever written a memoir? I know Tim Elajjh wrote one about jos drug abuse. I was thinking about writing ome along a different line. More of a "So I went amd had these experiences amd here is what I thought" kimd of story. I have so many good stories. I feel like I need to catalog them, even if no one but me ever reads them.


In for one.




Go play your 360 crap games! Long live your dying console hahaha!


I am so very drunk right now. being drunk is a different way of seeing the world. Alcohol is a poison as so many mind altering drugs are. You use them until they are very bad for you. Aminita mushfrooms and strangling yourself in a closet.

Each has his or her way to find the happiness of the drink.

Dink drink!

Or a Song From the Wood.


I seem to have reached the age where when I drink I just get tired and fall asleep. :(


That's mostly me, but on occasion (like right now) I get ridiculously plastered and am glad that a) I'm not driving and b) that slutty girl at work that keeps hitting on me isn't around and I don't have her number.

But for the most part, its a beer or two and then lights out. Being old sucks.


Fuerbach, Hume, and Bourbon ...


My favorite part about Hume, apart from the wonderful books he wrote, of course, is that his birthday comes twice a year if you indiscriminately take the dates from both calendars.

That means twice as many opportunities to use his birthday as an excuse to take part in his favorite pastime: drinking merrily.


I would have thought your favorite thing was that he could out-consume Wilhelm Freidrich Hegel.


'ello Bruce!


I can't chaaaaaange!!!!!!!!!! (and I'm a pinko liberal fuck)


Sorry about the xbox comments. Was drunk and am now but yeah... dumb comments.