The I'm drunk thread


Scotch Club. It was our holiday end-of-year gathering.

Edit: update your location! You ain't in SC anymore :)

--- Alan


Sorry to skip Alan's lovely spread, but:

I had one of those the other day for the first time. Tin cup. Excellent.


Awesome. I need to start such a club. And done on the location; thanks for the reminder! :)


Not drunk yet, but just got back from the store with a bottle of Stoli, some Gosling's ginger beer, and some limes. Breaking in the copper cup from the Secret Santa thread.

Edit: I love this copper cup. It makes the Moscow Mule even more unique. It's very, very cold on the lips as you sip it. Great gift!


Sometime there is a part of being drunk where you have a epiphany. Some time you are just drunk and sloppy. Sometime you can write a small book. It's a hard life. If you try to write you can't. And sometime you can. My feeling is that you have to put words on the fucking page regardless. And if it all seems like shit in the morning, at least your put words on the page. Why not? Who is to say that you wrote shit? Well you really. And then you delete, delete and delete. And you say to your drunk self, what was I thinking?

And the next day your drunk self says, "Why did you fuck with the beauty that I had created?"

And you have no answer, cause you are sober and smart. And not at all in the place that you were the night before.

And when you are drunk you say, never touch my beauty.

And when you are sober you say, what is this?

So it seems that you are two people.

Which is not so bad.

But you have to get your shit together.

Be friends.

Don't fuck with each others shit.



Drinking wild turkey 101, on my 4th?, doing last minute christmas shopping on amazon for all my young cousin's...children's books seemed like a good idea for the 1 and 7 year old, and lego marvel for the 10 year old....


Left Hand Brewing's Fade to Black is really fucking good. I guess the training lesson for the new boys at work tomorrow is how to function with a hangover on a Sunday morning at work.


Unexpected drinking ensued earlier today when my daughter's mom dropped in on me with her kid (daughter's young half-sister) inviting me out to lunch at a local family-friendly bar.

A couple of hours earlier I had dropped our 17-yr-old off at her mom's, and while there spent an hour tutoring her mom on the wonders of Excel for a new job she was just hired for. She's not very technical, but LOVED learning about the power of Excel functions (vlookup, index/match and other things) and apparently I saved her many days worth of time trying to clean up her data by hand. Also helped her sort-of husband master a Powerpoint issue.

So the drop-in was an impulsive desire to return the favor, and she and her 4-yr-old whisked me off to a local bar at noon, where she set her kid up with the iPad and Digimon, and she and I ordered lunch and a pitcher of beer. Then our kid (17-yr-old) and our daughter's boyfriend showed up and after everyone had eaten, my daughter's mom and I ordered more beers for the adults, and we took over the shuffleboard. The teams were me and our older daughter's boyfriend vs our older daughter and her mom, and the 4-yr-old automatically, took on a retriever role and quickly realized that it was far less interesting than she'd assumed. She was responsible for sending the pucks that veered off into the gutter back to the starting area, but she soon realized how boring that was and went back to her iPad at the table.

I'd never played Shuffleboard before -- we were all newbies, in fact. But I hadn't spent this much time with my daughter's mom in a long time, and we had a blast, and the beer flowed all afternoon. The competitive banter was especially fun and stimulating, in a healthy way. And I loved coaching the boyfriend on proper girlfriend gaming etiquette. It's so magical to be able to demonstrate healthy relations to your daughter and her boyfriend in this way. Marriages and relationships may dissolve, but people can still love one another anyway, and those younger than us aren't necessarily limited to just learning from our mistakes.


Four Roses Small Batch is not a bad sip at all. At first I wasn't sure about it. A bit harsh in the middle maybe? But upon return I'm liking it enough. And it goes very well with a Shipyard Longfellow Winter Ale.





Sazeracs on Bourbon Street listening to jazz.

And not feeling your face ( much anyway).


WTF? Not only am I drunk. Apparently I am old. The wife is on a “survival” team-building trip with her colleagues. The oldest child is on a study trip to Berlin. The youngest at a party with his part-time work (at the local cinema). Obviously, I then called out to all my mates, informing them of this opportunity… Every single one of them had “obligations”. So here I sit, drunk on expensive Italian vine, listening to 90’s Alternative Brit Pop (Stone Roses, at the time of writing). Feeling very old and middle-aged indeed.


Use expensive Spanish wine. It has a better quality/dollar ratio :P


That may be and I do appreciate the advice, but the first (and currently only) advantage, that comes to mind, about being “old”, is that the quality/dollar ratio is not really that important. And I do like my Barolo…


Whoopsy-daisy. Definitely had a couple more glasses of wine than I probably should have. And now I’m blasting some of my favorite Bond themes a little too loudly and browsing Amazon purchasing cycling equipment that I don’t, strictly speaking, really need.


For me that would be any given Thursday evening, a regulars night at a local craft beer and wine place that I frequent. It’s always fun because I will vaguely recall that I ordered something when I see the package on the doorstep the next Monday evening. It’s like getting presents, to myself.


Since this is up here. And I am drinking. Does anyone do this?

I sit on my porch, smoking a cigarette, and I diagnose car problems.

One car went by with a squeal that could only be engine belt issues.

Then a car went by with what I could only think of as a bad piston. Maybe a bent rod. Gonna go bad soon.

Then a car with a smoking issue due to a bad gasket. Oil burner.

And it goes on.

Just me?


I do the engine belt one, but that’s about it.

I live right on a four lane road with a 45mph speed limit (literally, it’s about 15 feet from my bedroom window), and not long ago I woke up at about 2am to a horrible noise. I looked out my window, and there was this El Camino driving along at maybe 10mph with no tires on the back two wheels, just screeching and showering sparks everywhere.

I don’t really have a point to that story, but it was car related, and I’m drunk, so it felt appropriate enough.


Just returned from Vegas (horrendously hot at 107F in the shade) and smoked less than I had hoped to while there. I brought a marvelous collection of cigars with me but just didn’t find much time to light up. The Punch Punch I did smoke my first evening was delicious. The bar had nothing in rum I wanted, so I sipped a Tanq and tonic and was happy to blow smoke rings in the casino. I just knocked off a Padilla 1932 I got from CBid and I think I liked it, but I probably am too tired to enjoy much of anything at the moment. It was a strong, flavorful smoke, that I think shows a good bit of promise. I’ll try another again when I’m feeling less zoned out.


Dear Aging Assholes,

It’s been years since I’ve really been drunk. I’m not an alcoholic.

I had lunch with some old people. Like, almost medicare age. This poofy woman suddenly says “i’m scare of dying”. We all break out laughing. no shit woman. She’s not the brightest woman. She’s a hispanic woman that looks up to Donald Trump. Her English sucks. I mean, she’s real hispanic. Like woman, you didn’t hear about the wall? ok whatever. But we all laugh. Not laugh at her, laugh with her. Because it’s like the fucking weight of all of human bullshit that must have hit every fucking asshole, yeah, you’re gonna die too, and poof, that’s all folks.

I almost wrote some bullshit embarrasing public facebook message to an old friend. My sister told me to STAPH. I listen to her. She says I’m smarter than her. But i think she makes that bullshit up. She did super law school 4.0+ gpa and other bullshit. I’m a loser that likes videogames and D&D.\

This is my proxy embarassing message. Thank you Qt3 people. You’re the only white people I know. Thank you for not banning and ignoring me.

PS Tom if you read this can you give me a super corny title. I tried posting on the GIF thread without pictures but it didn’t work. k ty.


Why the fuck did I quit smoking? If you don’t die of this, you’re gonna die of something else. Fuck me. Merry Xmas everyone!

I am having an excellent drink concoction and I shall share: Cherry concentrate, ize drink, shitty rum, the Perfect Saturday Afternoon.