The Intellivision is returning, and it has a new boss

I hope he gets sued for commercial usage theft:

Tommy Tallarico lies about “placeholder” art that’s been there since the game was shown in 2020.

Also, you know, these games were supposed to be finished ages ago.

Did you see the video where it’s running at a whopping 15 fps while the guy who posted it is raving about what an amazing game it is? Lol

Yes, it runs like a newbie developer’s ‘My First Unity Project’ tutorial.

People don’t normally use copyrighted graphics as “placeholder art”. Nor use it in promotional material. In many cases it’s often marked in some fashion.

And if it was placeholder art, why the obvious attempt to change the filtering to disguise the fact they’re ripped assets?

Lying to cover your ass isn’t a good look.

Their cornhole game has more stolen artwork:


They also don’t have the rights to the Battle Tanks name.

Everything about this scam focused on the pump-and-dump immediate profit with zero thought placed to games.

More Tommy Tallarico lying:

“The industry needs to know that they need to be more professional and do a little more due diligence before releasing projects or hiring contractors,” Tallarico said. “Roblox will be finding out the hard way as we are currently putting together the paperwork to demand compensation. And it won’t be cheap for them considering the circumstances. If it was just some small sound that no one ever really paid attention to it wouldn’t be as bad or costly. But the fact that the sound is part of the identity of the entire franchise needs to be factored into the damages.” -Tommy “the Thief” Tallarico

That podcast is completely hilarious and serves as a good primer for why Amico is insane. It’s all within the first hour. I could have listened to more.

I don’t have really any interest in any of this, but I’m totally here for how much you guys fucking hate Tallarico.

I really hate scams.

And Anthem! :D

I always get amused when you start conducting one of these hate trains. RIMM, Anthem, Intellivision. I hope I never earn your ire. :)

The other 2 are dead but all 3 deserve ire. I haven’t been successful in hating Game For Windows Live to death either.

Intellivision will die, too. Unfortunately it’s been pumped full of startup cash, so it’s taking longer to deflate than it deserves, but if/when they release their stillborn project or run out of money, it’s done.

I have no sympathy for the accredited investors who didn’t do their homework, but I feel bad for some of the old Mattel toy fans, some of whom seem to have some bonafide learning disabilities or cognitive impairments.

@rei thanks for the podcast link. I’m not totally sure why, but this whole Amico thing is fascinating. I don’t get the passion on the Pro- Amico side. Tommy isn’t that large of a celebrity, but the cult behind the Amico is insanely defensive. Sad for the folks who put in money early on, but I’m totally into seeing how it turns out.

All the warning sights are there. It’s a bright red klaxon-blaring scam to any gamer with a brain and some experience. The cult-like behavior of those defending him relentlessly and brainlessly is fascinating and disturbing.

Getting closer to mainstream coverage:

Tommy stealthily removes “end of this year” backer goal from FAQs, now it’s all Q1 of 2022. Not shared via email, Facebook or to any Republic investors.