The Intellivision is returning, and it has a new boss

What I will never understand is why something that requires mass market success and was pitched as such, catered only to the niche within a niche of the gaming subculture: retro gamers.

Fuckin Clockwork Empires, man.

This quote is hilarious:

Tommy has decided to pay it forward and help small content creators on YouTube. He will make time to talk to you in an interview whether you have 100 subscribers or 1,000,000 subscribers. He decided to help the underdog.

He literally has no choice. The only content creators who are interested have tiny subscriber bases.

That “writer” Jan Michael Ong has composed several such puff pieces about Tommy and Amico. Tommy loves them and frequently links to Ong with “thanks for your honest opinion.”

If he’s being paid, one wonders if that’s the best Tommy can attract and retain.

If he’s doing it for free, well that’s just sad.

Wow, these losers actually do think Tommy is their “friend.”

The lying information-free update has been posted to Repubic to further string along their investors:

I love the idea that even if they had the competence to actually do this, it would be a revenue stream rather than a massive money and talent sink with a tiny audience.

I love that they are totally laser focused on just getting this thing out asap and not just throwing out random insane proclamations to distract the masses (I use masses very very loosely).

It feels like OJ “I’ll find the real killers” sort of vibe.


Regarding educational projects for kids: Nick Richards (Intellivision CFO) runs a foundation that does that kind of thing, so if there’s a way to provide workshops that while skimming off the top, that could be in their wheelhouse.

AISS? ASS? Really?

The Republic investor replies are dishearteningly braindead.

Nice bit of deception here:

The article is actually from, which only shares branding with Eurogamer.

Those German-language previews were contractually required as part of their mooching German government money.

I like how he answers every single one, until he doesn’t

Yes, keep fleecing those sheeple.

Oh, a new question about preorders that were supposed to ship by end of year but didn’t. This could be fun, till Republic takes this down.