The Intellivision is returning, and it has a new boss

Most weddings I’ve gone to for the past few years have both a registry and a honeymoon fund, or a honeymoon fund instead of a registry. I would categorize that as a modern / generational shift and not a specific cringe-LOL.

No one helped them fly first class though. :/

So Tommy Tallarico, Nick Richards, John Alvarado, Phil Adam at the Intellivision Amico scammers HQ have not paid their Shopify bill again this time for their EU site.

The same world class competency and attention to detail that left their dev portal unsecured for months so journalists could come across the contents have triggered a “402: payment required” server error.

Maybe that thin skinned faux journalist Hans Ippisch who headed up their EU broom closet forgot to ensure continuity of payment for Shopify before he spent crowdfunders’ money on his Egypt vacation?

After being little bitches and pretending to have a nonsensical “quiet period” to avoid refund demands from what few gullible people who preordered remained, they played for more time by pretending to rework the prices on vapourware consoles that were still months away from being assembled much less shipped.

Tommy Tall Tales Tallarico and Intellivision Amico: you can trust your payment info with these assclowns!

Damn shame this all turned out to be a scam. The original pitch - 100$ console with cute disc controllers and loaded with retro games you could play wirelessly to your TV - would have been something I could go for. Sigh - guess that ruins the Intellivision brand forever. Now if I want to play an Intellivsion game, I’ll need to get an emulator.

Or turn on my Intellivision console in the basement, turn on that old 13" TV I saved to use with it, and grab one of my games from the storage bin.

It’s not they they tried and failed but that they didn’t try at all excerpt to do nothing but smacktalk other contemporaries and wish it into existence wholly formed.

The Intellivision Dubai Office VP whose dad is a “director” and has Tommy by the balls in a predatory manufacturing loan posted this to the shill cult safe space:

I have a hard time believing bigot John Alvarado (represented by the moustache) approves of any non-traditional “fathers” for Father’s Day

Their sales pitch to boomer Retro gamers was literally “are your parents not dead yet? Play the old tyme games with them again!”

That didn’t come to fruition. Instead many of those gamers from the dwindling potential audience have died of old age or their parents have.

@Editer can you talk to your friend about his time there? Is he under NDA?

What’s interesting is that I noticed a well-known, successful, long-time industry vet friend from my CGW days (he was a producer on Star Trek games at Interplay) was at Intellivision doing biz dev for 2 years, but left a few months ago. I so want to catch him at a conference and get this story over a beer or seven.

I think that conversation is best left to adult beverages next time we’re in the same place. :)

To pad his paid for World Record, Tommy fancied himself audio director for “fifty Amico launch games” lol lol

The same submissions from members of his self promoting GANG video game audio producers guild that he solicited music for and stiffed paying:

Didn’t you know, if you listen to a game, you instantly become the audio director? Even games that only exist in your head!

Amico launch games lol lol.

Every word of that phrase is ridiculous

So, what’s the status of that “only positive thoughts!” Facebook group?

The Dubai VP inexplicably posted this on Sunday (his father has the predatory $100/unit manufacturing loan)

According to them there is no possible way to spend time with your child. No outside games. No swimming. No Camping. No winter sports. No dining. No TV. No movies. No board games. No Nintendo. The ONLY way you can spend time with your kid is if you have a crappy-ass boring Amico. Otherwise your kid might as well not have a father.

Why would your small startup with limited funds redesign a solved problem in the form of redoing a custom controller and then waste money renting or buying specialized testing equipment when you should outsource it to existing off the shelf controller manufacturers???

All Potemkin for show so Tommy could cosplay and roleplay as a big shot video game company Executive all on other people’s money.

Because the controller with little screens is the only unique selling point this debacle ever had. The programming and manufacturing complexity make that feature into a boat anchor tied around their necks.

Extra firmware, batteries, wireless radios, compliance testing for all — no wonder the price went up.

There’s probably a very good reason none of the real game companies attempted second screen gaming after the failure of the Wii U.

Had Amico been redesigned to work with conventional controllers, it could have have launched, failed, and been forgotten by now.

At least they managed the second and third steps of that process.

Dreamcast exec Bernie Stolar just died. Tom will once swear on the grave of his dead sister and say “he’s in talks with Bernie’s people” for the Dreamcast license never mind that was 23 years ago.

Imagine being more vapourware than Atari on Stadia.