The Last of Us 2 - Hopefully Ellie Can Swim Now

Last of Us 2 was announced (finally) today at PSX.

Trailer here:

Sounds like it’s still early days development wise, I believe it’s aiming for a 2017 release.

So are they going to call it…

…The Next to Last of Us?


No, it’s actually called The Last of Us Part 2, technically.

That would be the prequel, right? The Penultimate of Us. The sequel to Last of Us would have to be Well, We’re Not Here Anymore.


IGN has an article up detailing some more bits of the game based on a panel that must have aired at some point.

LoU2 Director/Writer
Druckmann also discussed narrative direction of Part II, noting that while the first title was a story about love, the sequel will serve as a “counter” to that. In fact, the director went so far as to say, “this story is about hate.”

They’d better not fuck this up.

I know I’m in the minority here, but I really don’t want more ladder-based, trash-scrounging, half-assed stealth-past-zombies gameplay. If I had my druthers, they’ll do one of two things: 1) full-on open-world, or 2) a visual novel. Either one would better serve the writing than what they did in the first game.


Would love to see Naughty Dog really apply themselves to the structure and framework of an open world. I think they’re going to need to go that direction anyway, at least as open world as an AC game or modern incarnation of the Tomb Raider franchise.

I had been OK without a PS4, but now I’m sad I’m going to miss this. I knew The Last of Us had to get a sequel, and I’m glad it did because I loved it. Maybe I’ll pick up a used PS4 in another 3 years like I did with the PS3 so I could play the first one!

Well, I guess I’m getting a console this generation after all.

I agree with this. A Quantic Dream/Telltale/ Until Dawn style game with the technology and strong writing of the first game would be the best way to serve the story.

I’m not sure open world would deliver such a strong experience. Open world gameplay tends to devolve in sillyness for the shake of gameplay most times. A Dead Rising sort of setting seems better suited to it.

Yup, this is what i want. Tired of the naughty dog superserious stories. We already have Telltale for that… and I already am tired of those. Well not all of em, Plus archery in Last of Us was so cheesy bad, like you were anemic archer.

Actually still more excited for State of Decay 2.

Last of Us isn’t worth it, but Red Dead Redemption 2 would be.

It would make zero sense to turn The Last of Us into some kind of humorous open world playground game. No danger of that from the reveal trailer though.

The original is arguably my favorite game of all-time so I’d prefer they continue the story with the same general gameplay. I thought it ended perfectly so I’m a bit worried it’ll be tarnished a bit by messing up the story in a sequel.

I really liked Last of Us mechanically for the most part, I thought it was one of the better implementations of the quiet/loud dynamic of it being a stealth game until shit hit the fan. Probably the best at that until MGS5 came out.

The Last of Us might be my single favorite gaming experience, so I’ll certainly shell out for a PS4 to play the sequel.

Me too, but the “it’s a story about hate” bit sounds promising. At least it sounds as if they have a strong concept in there.

Last of Us was good, I wasn’t as floored by it as others, but i get it. For me, console must buys were GTA III and the original KOTOR.

Man, this thread got missed post-E3 too?