The Many Other Crimes of Donald J Trump

I’m thinking that’s because he saw the WaPo article above. Let’s have a dress rehearsal for hiding evidence from the Feds is the kind of thing it’s hard to ignore.

One of the several things that makes me vote for Democrats is that their standards are way, way higher than the GOP. Democrats get ousted for things like heterosexual cheating, or to the far point Al Franken for making a sexually oriented joke. GOP, as long as you can possibly survive horrendous behavior politically, you’re golden. Homosexual trysts, swapping out wives every few years when the new model comes along, etc. seem to be perfectly fine as long as it’s still electable.

It’s like Trump has some sort of Projective Dunning-Kruger effect. He assumes the people around him are more stupid than he is, and somehow it happens.

That’s pretty much a good summation.

I feel that as the minority party, they’ll allow their members to do almost anything as long as the person with issues continues to vote Red.

It sure seems like there is plenty of evidence of intent / state of mind being offered up to the special counsel.

The timeline (from various reports) seems to be:

Government issues subpoena for any docs
Trump hires lawyer to respond to subpoena
Some docs are moved out of storage room
Lawyer is told to search storage room
Lawyer finds some docs
Lawyer asks if he should search anywhere else, e.g. Trump office
Lawyer told there are no docs anywhere else
Lawyer responds to subpoena
Government executes search warrant, finds more docs in Trump office

And Evan Corcoran is like “I am so NOT getting indicted and disbarred for this idiot.”

I just don’t get Trump? Why not turn over everything? It’s like Nixon and the tapes.

I guess it’s just Trump’s ego and a lifetime and dealing with lawsuits and getting away with chicanery most of the time.

All those, and the real X factor being the fact that DJT is the dumbest motherfucker on the planet.

See George Santos and many many others.

Also, the same bit applies to financial corruption. It’s there on the Democrat side, but in no way anywhere near theway the GOP has embraced it.

Ding ding ding. It’s hard to plan around an idiot. I’m still catching up on DeSantis, isn’t he just a religious zealot that’s power-mad, or is he also genuinely dumb?

I mean he went to Harvard and Yale. It’s pretty hard to get through those schools if you are an idiot. He’s just a power hungry ahole with zero personality.

Ya, DeSantis is not dumb, nor a religous zealot.

He’s a guy with a terrible personality, who has realized that he can mimic Trump behavior to some degree, and gain large amounts of power.

A bunch of good fellas like that would never turn on each other.

The Onion version would be “Trump’s lawyers Start to Wonder If One of Them is Not a Snitch”

Law abiding citizens always have a healthy paranoia about snitches betraying them.

Just hoping we hear the strains of ‘Layla’ soon.

A lot evidence among the more prominent “elites” that this isn’t necessarily as true as you might like.

Maybe it’s all kayfabe.

I really never looked up his history as I don’t like researching people I loath, but it seems his skill in baseball may have helped him get into Yale. So it’s entirely possible he was just a jock that they let slide by because sports.

He graduated with Honors from Harvard Law, and I don’t think you get that based on your baseball chops.