The Mother 'Effin WEATHER Thread


It snowed last night here in Portland, about 1/4”.

There are maybe a dozen people in the office. I parked by the front door.


Bay Area got snow. Mt. Tam and Mt. Diablo may have up to an inch in some places. Twin Peaks in SF itself got a “dusting”.

— Alan


I’m coming to KC over President’s Day weekend. My daughter’s volleyball team is competing in the Triple Crown tournament in the convention center downtown SAT-MON. We’re flying in Friday morning. Really hoping for above freezing temps or at least little to no precipitation as our club hotel is out by the airport, so we’ll have a 25 minute one way drive into downtown each day (and back again each night).

Watching the extended forecast for KC closely.


65 degrees and sunny today in central PA. It’s completely insane.


We had -14 a week or so ago, and then 62 on Sunday. (Somewhere in between now and wet.)


Upwards of 70 here in central NC. Shit is goofy as fuck.


-40 this morning with ice fog. Thank goodness there was no wind. Hasnt been this cold here for many years but quite common growing up. We are prepared so business as usual around these parts.


We had a dusting on the valley floor today. You’d think a blizzard came through. I finally took myself to urgent care because I knew it would be empty and fast… totally was.

It didn’t even stick to the roads.


Low around 20 degrees last week. Today’s high is forecast to be 73.


Seattle folks. Remember Snowmageddon 2008?

The sequel is on its way…

This is on top of the snow we got Sunday.


My kids will be so happy.


I now know where this is!


I don’t live in a place that has weather (other than wind), but I’ve discovered the best time to avoid the lines at urgent care is Friday afternoon.


OK, Seattle folks and surrounding area - we’ve got our weather alert for the weekend and into next week. It doesn’t look pretty.


We’re expecting snow too but I didn’t get the impression it would be drastic.


A 19-year-old student slipped and died at UW today.

There’s a lot of anger that the campus was reopened.


They don’t treat the sidewalks and parking lots?


No idea. But lots of students are saying they slipped around today.


That’s just tragic, regardless. Our campuses will open and there is always debate when things get icy but it’s usually for people off-campus trying to get in. they typically treat the campus itself and the parking lots.


End of last year, we had a snow squall and they didn’t plow/salt properly, the deputy mayor tried to fire the head of emergency management, he said only the mayor can fire me, but our mayor apparently only works 5 or 6 days per month so he wasn’t around, it was a whole thing.

Anyway, now they don’t fuck around, if we get even a dusting of snow, everybody puts down a ton of salt. We had half an hour of snow last week, deposited like a quarter inch, and the streets were white with salt for days afterwards, until it rained today.

Not just the streets either; if your business doesn’t shovel their sidewalks, you get fined. Not you can get fined, this is a major revenue source so they’ll getcha. If someone slips because you didn’t salt, you get fined and can get sued.