The Mother 'Effin WEATHER Thread


Stockpile Broccoli?


2000 feet of snow? How will you ever survive.


Tunnels. Shore them up with frozen broccoli.


If during the times of disaster y northern brothers and sisters decided that the best course of action is to stockpile broccoli, I’m thinking I might be able to afford a house near Portland or Seattle after all of them waste away to nothing.


it works for both broccoli and protein



The snow has arrived in Seattle, moving northwards


Watch it here. Pull up a chair and grab a bowl of broccoli.


Look, I stocked up on eggs, onions, cheese, yogurt, cereal, and various legumes and lentils.

I’m going to have some killer omlettes and Indian dishes while this goes on.


Hope it isn’t too cold to crack a window.


Are cars supposed to go sideways like that?


something something merlot broccoli something


Haha, Seattle folks will get the jokes. Read the whole thread!



I must confess I did get a couple growlers filled in preparation.


I’m pretty sure that the explosion that happens when he tries to light the stove will crack several windows.


It’s like Mad Max but with Amazon Prime vans.

haha that one got me


It hurts because it’s true. I was there last night, no sign of the madhouse everyone was reporting at grocery stores.

I was exec chef there for five years! Heh.


I don’t even know why Metro thinks it’s a good idea to drive articulates buses in this weather


Puyallup this morning. More than I’ve seen in years.


Yeah, thanks biggerboat. Now, where are all the other snow sticks you guys? That’s a Qt3 requirement for big snowstorms!