The Mother 'Effin WEATHER Thread


Doo, doo, doo, lookin’ out my back door -

Yeah 3-4 inches my patootie!


Yep that’s some real snow there!


Me in South Seattle today.


Recommendation: winter coat!


You’re from Michigan. You should be wearing shorts in that ;)


8 inches here on Bainbridge Island. The police are telling everyone to stay off the roads and given the hills here, I would not want to be driving on them at all.


I see far less windmill tilting than I was hoping for.


Just means I know how to dress for it!

I was at the gym yesterday, and some idiot came in wearing shorts. So you’re gonna work out, get all hot and sweaty, and then go out into freezing weather in that? You deserve your pnemonia.


(pic stolen from Twitter)

Overnight snowfall in Beaverton

It was a bit underwhelming.


Few inches in Bothell, doesn’t look too bad out there. Still, I stocked up on groceries on Thursday and don’t plan to leave the house until I have to. Praying for a paid day off on Monday (Federal gov pays us if they shut down the building).

I have got to say the past week has been miserable. I have spent most of my adult life in WY, and while we got far more snow there, it was flat, the wind usually kept the roads dry, and they had lots of sand for when it didn’t.

Living back in WA with lots of hills and where they don’t have the equipment to deal with it hasn’t been fun. I just took a job in downtown Seattle so I take the bus to work. Which is great because I can take a bus from close to my house all the way to Seattle. But I quickly learned buses are not very unreliable once it snows. Monday through Thursday resulted in me standing outside for up to 2 hours a day in 20 degrees or less waiting for buses. My total commute was close to 5 hours on Tuesday and Wednesday.

And the week ahead is supposed to be worse, I am dreading it.


They said about 1pm today we’d get some snow. It’s snowing right now. Let’s see for how long and if it will stick.


Boise has gotten a few inches, but the sun’s already coming out, and the main roads are already dry.



Weed? Is that kid’s slang for broccoli?


It’s the devil’s broccoli.


Hah, I ride a motorcycle year-round (except in icy weather), cold… affects me less than most around here.


Looks like a Pineapple Express could be heading for the West Coast next week. That should be fun.


Just in time to put out those forest fires!


Well, it’s official…we’re a disaster.,9309,7-387-90487-489227--,00.html

Hasn’t really affected me since I was lucky enough to be outside the power outage zone, but a lot of the area has been hit pretty hard.


Come shovel my walk in -47 C with windchill!