The Mother 'Effin WEATHER Thread


No thanks, that’s why I moved away from Thunder Bay.


Me in Ballard yesterday:


I prefer to use a shovel.


What is wrong with you?? 😛


My family decided to make an excursion up the hill and see if the farmer’s market was open, and it was woohoo! We didn’t really get anything but some hot apple cider, that was just the thing. Then we stopped in for lunch at the local pub and headed back home. I took a photo at the top of the hill:

Doesn’t look that bad huh? And it’s not really except as others mentioned, Seattle is really hilly and we don’t have good options for clearing the streets. That road I’m standing next to is closed, there are signs at the base of the hill. Also kids sledding down at obviously unsafe speeds, I want to tell at them like the old man I am. Anyway time to go make a snowman!


We should get another inch this afternoon/evening.

The problem is Monday night. There’s still a lot of variables in play, so it could end up being rain, or a massive amount of snow.


Man, I am jealous of you guys who live in Seattle with your local farmers markets, pubs, and views like that.


Assuming that’s a road under there, that looks terrible, like maybe they only plowed once then didn’t put down any salt, so it’ll all melt during the day to slush then freeze over into seriously dangerous ice.


That was interesting, thank you. Timing kind of sucks, it won’t be bad enough tonight to cancel work tomorrow, but there might be potential for a crappy commute home again.

It’s going to be a long couple of weeks around here.


West Seattle is home to one of the most amazing beer stores in America

The guy responsible sold it and started a new store about 5 minutes from me.


Speaking of the Super Deli Mart


Ha, no no, that’s not plowed. Only main streets get plowed around here. And that’s exactly what’s going to happen - the sun was out a bit earlier and gave us a bit of melt, now it’s all refreezing. Tomorrow will be nuts even if we don’t get more snow - I already got a call from Seattle Public Schools, there’s no school tomorrow. They don’t want to make it worse than it will be.


Have they been using sand anywhere in western WA? When I was kid growing up in Renton in the 80s, they would always sand our big hill ruining our sledding. This is the first real snow I have seen in WA since moving back here 4 years ago, but they haven’t been sanding the roads at all up here in Bothell/Everett (and barely even plowing from what I have seen).


I guess sand is better than nothing, but you really need salt. When that slush freezes it’s going to be bad.


Seattle made a big fuss about not using salt during Snowmageddon 2008 to prevent salt runoff into the bodies of water. And then the city became totally immobalized; and a bus full of people slid down a hill, broke through a barrier, and the front part dangled over I5, threatening to totally go over.

The city switched to salt immediately. The mayor lost re-election later, and Snowmageddon was blamed.


The Northeast believes in a salt the earth policy.

Keeps people safe, kills all the fish.


And rots your car. I have never lived in a place that salts, thankfully. Although @Woolen_Horde said they do here in the NW now, but I haven’t seen it.


Which is why a number of Classic Car collectors do not like getting cars form the East Coast.

We used to use some sort of chemical, now it’s a type of gravel I believe. Even when we don’t get snow, they put it out due to ice.



My work just called, closed tomorrow!