The Netflix TV Show Thread

Alight, Ill stick with it. Thanks for the feedback.

@DeepT, IMO don’t plow through. The first season is actively bad for several reasons but the show improves sharply due to cast changes and a change in approach in season 2.

Since you have the grounding on the show I recommend you just “assume the good guys beat the Season 1 Big Bad and lose a couple of characters in the process” and then skip all the rest of season 1 and go straight to the season 2 premier. The new approach, new cast, and cast changes will quickly become apparent.

This is subjective of course but when viewers talk about “slogging” or “plowing” I personally feel there may be better ways to access the good content. This varies by show with some shows requiring the lower quality buffer episodes to ballast the “good stuff” but in Legends, it’s all about season arcs, of which there are 3 good ones IMO (Seasons 2,3 and 4) with 5 and 6 being “amusing” depending on your taste. But seasons 2-4 are really quite strong and well worth the time. However, to enjoy them you need to know almost nothing about season 1 other than the basic setup, which you already do.

Thanks for the info, but I think Ill watch the rest of season 1. I mean if characters are gone, Ill want to know what happened to them. I am glad to hear that they beat the villian from season 1 because I really do not like shows where the same bad guy sticks around for season after season somehow avoiding true defeat.

If I get really sick of it, then Ill skip to season 2.

Watched the new Aziz Ansari special. It’s a really good unannounced half-hour set at that comedy club they all film at in NYC. Very late 2021: covid, Biden, our collective malaise. The kind of comedy that won’t age well, but is perfect for this moment.

A parody of The Woman in the Window. Kristen Bell is always goofy and fun (see The Good Place) but I think the series only gets worse the longer it goes on and the ending is really dumb. Might have been better as just a shorter movie.

Yeah, this was a waste of time. I as hoping for another Dead To Me, but it wasn’t.

Yep, by the end it seems like they did not commit enough to just being a spoof/parody. It tries to edge too close ot being psychological drama at times, which just makes the whole a bit of a confusing and unsatisfying juxtaposition, particularly the ending. It’s not long though and I quite liked Kristen Bell and thought she did a pretty good job.

I gotta admit, I’m two episodes in and absolutely loving it. It reminds me of my favorite David Wain bits, where scenes seamlessly flow from self-serious to absurd and back, playing with the negative parody space. It’s like comedy dubstep.

Watched two episodes of In From The Cold, some kind of spy flic. It’s rough. I keep hoping it will get better.

It seems to have a very messy script and poor editing. There’s threads all over the place and the tone doesn’t nail anything. It starts with Alias style dumb action spy. Toss in some daughter drama because we all loved Paige Jenkins am I right?

I bailed after the first episode. Pretty awful across the board.

I just don’t think I could buy Kristen Bell as a detective.

I’m guessing you never watched Veronica Mars?

A long time ago, but I hadn’t thought of that lately at all

Ha! I’m currently watching Veronica Mars for the first time (it mostly holds up ok!), and now the terrible season 3 version of the theme tune is stuck in my head :(

That looked pretty good, I’ll try to fit it in.

Note: Do not watch an episode of The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window followed by an episode of Archive 81. Unexpected interactions may occur.

Watched the first couple of episodes of Murderville. Enjoyed the first one with Conan and David Wain, second with Marshawn Lynch and Rob Huebel was a bit of a dud.

It’s a weird structure - there’s not actually much room for improv, and it plays out almost as a gameshow. I suspect the episodes with actual comedians will work better, but ironically it mostly depends on the strength of the scripted parts.

I watched half of the Conan episode and switched off. It just seems too scripted and like you said, the stuff he needed to improvise wasn’t great. Would have preferred a more “straight” stagey type variation of this, where there were fewer scenes and more “space” (both literal in terms of staging and shooting and figurative in terms of a narrative) for the guest actor to actually play the role of a detective.

I came to this thread to see if I should stick with the Woman/Window show, but LOL’d to this. Nicely done.

This is why these catch-all threads are bad. We have a whole thread on Murderville and it was updated more recently than this one.