The Netflix TV Show Thread


I am looking for a short show to watch several times a week, maybe 20 minutes or so long.
You see, I used to watch the Daily show and after John Stuart left, I tried watching Trevor for almost a year, but could not really stand him. Then I started watching The Opposition, which was ok, but that got canceled.

Does netflix have any shows like that? Like a daily news show or something?


Daily, no. It had Michelle Wolf doing a weekly show, which I liked well enough (though it was no Last Week Tonight), but it recently got cancelled. Have you considered watching Colbert on Youtube?


Season two of Ozark is up. It doesn’t get the same promotion as some of their other shows but worth watching. Good cast with Bateman getting to show he’s more than just the “everyday” funny man.


Yeah after finishing the whole thing I have to agree. It is much more “Asian”. The struggle with fobbish parents is more realistic. It’s a different experience, I suppose, of being an AA in a place with other AAs, and being an AA in the middle of suburbia, America.


Season 1 of Ozark was great, looking forward to 2.


Just started watching Superstition. The trailers made it look very serious but so far it has more in common with Supernatural. A bit cheesy but entertaining.


We’re hooked on an older show that was only mentioned once in this thread, and way back in '15… Schitt’s Creek, a Canadian comedy with Eugene Levy, his son (they created the show also) and Catherine O’Hara. The first few episodes were uneven but by episode 6 or so they really hit their stride and they’re frequently hysterical. We’re still on season 1, so I’ve no idea when they shark jump, if at all.


Wow. Babylon Berlin was such a great show.

You all need to get on this. It’s set in very late 20s Berlin. It is about a police investigator, who comes across a ‘conspiracy’ that will dramatic ramifications for the country if carried out. Like many other shows in the world, it starts by trying to hook you in through questions like ‘who is that guy?!’, ‘where does this girl’s loyalties lie?’, and the classic ‘I don’t really grasp who that dood was but he just got shot and it’s apparently important?’

But, unlike these many other shows, the mysterious aspects of the show build and start making alot of sense. By the end of the sixteen episodes everything is answered and ties together extremely well. It’s like a novel in that regard. Like the best dramatic shows on TV, e.g. the Wire, breaking bad, etc. the best episodes are the last few, with the momentum of the plot and the character development culminating in a climax that leaves you in utter suspense (without the lame random plot twists or cliffhangers of other shows).

Lastly, it has some amazing set pieces, it has some things I have never seen before (at least not done this well), I would elaborate but I won’t for spoilers sake.

Seriously, get on it. If the historical context of the show doesn’t instantly appeal to you (although it should! Late 20s Berlin!) the characters and interesting story will.


That sounds amazing! I had never heard of it before, but that sounds right up my alley. Thanks!


I am two episodes in and totally hooked. They are doing a great job with an interesting setting, and the whole thing just looks first rate. Thanks for the recco – I would never have found this otherwise.

Suggestion: Watch this in German with subtitles. The voices suit the characters far better.


You’re both welcome, I am glad it is getting some interest. If you watch it all please make sure to update this thread with what you thought!

I remember reading it is the most expensively made TV show outside the US. I am not sure if that’s true, perhaps the BBC have done some more expensive stuff, but you’re right the production values are very high for TV.

I didn’t even realise they have a dub available. I really enjoyed the original voice acting, can’t imagine watching it with an English dub over it.


Agreed - it’s fantastic. There is a second season which I hope also comes to Netflix. The acting is terrific all around, especially the female lead and the male costar (Bruno - the older veteran detective). The characters are also richly detailed, with a number of them involved in one or more subplots that flesh them out and often connect back to the central narrative, sometimes in more than one way.

As others have noted, if you can, listen to the original German audio track.

Oh, and there’s a great 1920’s dance hall scene that is surprisingly cool - way out of my musical tastes, but it still rocked.


I actually recognized her from Counterpart. The rest of the cast is new to me, but I agree that they’re all fantastic.

That dance hall scene taught me that the Charleston was basically break-dancing in better clothes. If that was the Charleston. I’m not too up on my 1920’s dances.

I was pretty thrilled to see a working Paternoster in episode 1. That’s one of those great little period details they have strewn throughout.


It only gets better. Solid through Season 3, so far. I believe there is a Season 4 which isn’t on Netflix yet. Love the representation and running gags.


They are pretty funky. We actually have one at work!


If I understand it S1 is 8 episodes and S2 is 8 episodes. Does US Netflix only have 8 episodes of the show? The Aus Netflix has all 16 and calls it “Season 1”, which is confusing, but I also breezed through episode 8 having no idea it was a season ender.

I hope US Netflix gets the other 8 episode soon, because it is even better than S1 (in my view). Episodes 15 and 16 are incredible.


Apparently it’s not on Latin America Netflix at all. I’m going to have to try to move my service to the US if I can. Sigh.


It was produced by Sky originally so if there’s a place where Murdoch stuff usually gets streamed it may be on that.


This was a bummer to read - I had to go look, and it turns out US Netflix is handling this the same way as AU Netflix - Season 1 and 2 are just 16 episodes of season 1 on US Netflix. Here I was, looking forward to season 2 only to discover I’d already seen it. Oh well, it was still great, and it turns out Season 3 has been announced, so hopefully that will come over as well.


I’ve been unsubscribed because of various other subscriptions lately. I’ll be going back to Netflix later this week and thanks to this thread, my Netflix backlog is getting quite large.

How am I going to get to all this in just one month? Maybe I’ll subscribe for two months this time, so I can make a big dent.

American Vandal Season 2
Star Trek (TOS) - Got to keep up with the Qt3 TOS re-watch!
hannah gadsby
Steve Martin and Martin Short Comedy special
Babylon Berlin - Good German period piece apparently
travelers season 2
Black Mirror - Finish Season 3, maybe Start Season 4
Better Call Saul Season 2 - it’s been long enough since I saw Season 1.
Mad Men - I’ve heard it’s a good show.
Bojack Horseman - give this another try, I hated the pilot episode.
The 100 (Morons) - I’ve heard it eventually turns into a good show.
Freaks and Geeks
The End of the Fucking World
The Crown - I’m a sucker for historical events protrayed well.
Occupied - Modern day setting Russian occupation of Norway
GLOW - I keep meaning to get to it
Maron (IFC sitcom, got really good in Season 2, need to see the rest of the seasons)

Final Space
Aggretsuko - Anime The Office?
Altered Carbon - First episode I didn’t care for, but maybe I should keep going
Toys that made us - I have no interest in the topic, but you guys say it’s good
The Chalet - A French murder mystery?
Dear White People? - not sure if this is good
A series of Unfortunate events - I kind of enjoyed the movie
Schitt’s Creek - Canadian Sitcom?
Michelle Wolf’s weekly show that got cancelled
Archer - Apparently it’s good, but it might no longer be on Netflix?
Kim’s Convenience - Korean-Canadian family sitcom?
Terrace House - Japanese Real World

EDIT: Babylon Berlin and Bojack Horsemen moved up upon recommendation.