The Netflix TV Show Thread


Thanks! It’s been a while since I’ve been on here. As you can see, I’m still just dipping my toe in the water.


Bodyguard is good, alot of subtext. It does get ‘goofy’ but the relationships feel real… and it worked for me. Worth watching! Good directing as well, didnt expect much from this except it had Robb Stark!

Just wanted to add, you will like if you liked 24.


I liked it until they killed off one of the two main characters. Then it stopped working, because for me that was the most interesting character in the story, and the relationships with her were the best part of the story.


I’m in, whenever I next pay Netflix after it releases.


I just watched episode two of Bodyguard. The tension level is through the roof with this show. Hope it keeps up.


I thought he was pretty much retired by now. Isn’t he like pushing 90?


He pushed 90 and kept pushing! His Wikipedia page says he’s 92.


Get Shorty is pretty good. The characters are interesting, and the story moves along. A pair of mobsters move to Hollywood to produce a movie. Shenanigans happen.


Adam Ruins everything is on Netflix. That might not be for everyone, but I am a fan of random statistics and facts that are counter intuitive.


Adam Ruins Everything is both delightful and depressing. It’s the only non-fiction show we watch.


Adam Ruins Everything and John Oliver round out the non-fiction shows for us.


Has anyone watched Wentworth?

My sister recommended over the weekend. From what I can tell it’s an Aussie series set in a woman’s prison. Might be worth checking out.****


Sounds familiar.


So is that the same series? Why would Netflix change the name yet again?


No idea. Maybe it’s a reboot?


Apparently it is.


The one on Netflix first aired in 2013, so it’s a new show. Whether it’s a reboot or just shares a setting I couldn’t tell you.


I skimmed Batman Ninja to gawk at the art. It may be too (purposefully) stupid not to watch in its entirety.


Get ready for the Roald Dahl Television Universe


Watched Batman Ninja over the weekend. It was so, so, so batshit ridiculous and hilarious. Just so bad.