The New Kindle Oasis - The waterproof kindle is finally real


Heh. I grew up not reading in the rain. It’s a hard habit to shake.


Are these Oasis models any faster than the original Paperwhites? As in, responsiveness and page turning and the like?


From The Verge review…

“There are physical page-turn buttons, plus the touchscreen page-turn option; Amazon says it’s worked on both the hardware and software side of things to make page-turning feel faster.”

Now, whether it’s really faster I guess is the question…


I am tempted by this. I don’t use my physical Kindle often. I have the 4g. It gets used in rare instances I can’t or don’t want to read on my iPad. The lack of a backlit screen makes me use it less, or that is the story I tell myself. That said, even in times I have decent lighting conditions, I don’t use it a lot.

However, I do use it in the tub. But as @Brad_Grenz said, I just use a ziplock bag.

I’m not going to get the Oasis yet. However, if my regular Kindle dies, I will get it.

What I do use a piece of the Kindle for is I have its serial number in the de-drm tools I use for Amazon books. I like having non-drm versions of my books if I want to read them in iBooks or something.


I’d want a water-proof Paperwhite. That would be perfect.


Heh. they say “to make page-turning feel faster.” Which is in no way saying it is actually faster. Though, from a user point of view, I guess it matters little, as long as it feels better.


Ziplock bag users unite! Form… uh. Awkward.

My main issue with the ziplock is it fogs up and if water hits the bag and is touching the Kindle, the Kindle goes nuts. Turning pages and changing the font size as I bitched about above. Would be very curious if the Oasis is susceptible to that. What happens if you try and clean the water off the screen with your hand? On a zip lock bag it’s chaos.



I’m in because of the larger screen, and the 12 LED’s as opposed to 6 on my current Voyage. 90% of my reading on the Kindle is in bed at night, laying on my right side to keep the light out of the little woman’s eyes, so the more even lighting and fewer page turns should be a winner…


At least they finally added back the goddamn ambient light sensor! It always pissed me off that you pay so much for the “premium” Oasis V1 over the Voyage and lose a significant feature like auto-dim / auto-bright.


Yeah, I didn’t know about the ambient light sensor and better lighting. Now I’m kind of interested…


I read in the bathtub. Put the kindle in a ziploc bag. Honestly, I skip the ziploc bag often. Kindles are cheap. And they are not critical like your phone. Humidity condensing inside isn’t a big deal to me. I just keep the kindle above water level anyway so I don’t have an issue with the water triggering the interface.

I hate the magnetic covers, Gendal. The one I bought for my first gen kindle had a flaw that actually damaged the kindle. What I want is the stupid buttons but I want them in a cheap kindle. I dislike the surface of the kindles now, feels almost like running nails on chalkboard.


A kindle is cheap?? Its 2000 kroner here in Denmark, or a 10th of a normal monthly salary. Thats not really cheap to me anyways.

I just want a kindle that works a bit faster than the Voager - its like we are back on Mozilla browsing at times.


Useless new features/downgrades. So its a pass.

Annoying, I would love a higher res Kindle that could display images. Water proof and removing headphone jacks to cut costs isnt going to work for me Amazon, just like it didnt for Apple.

Hopefully Amazon is less cheap and stubborn and will get back to actually upgrading their devices next year.


There were those? While you may regret them, it blows my mind there were any at some point (I’d never use my paperwhite for anything but to read text).


To be fair me either. I just wanted to whinge about Apple again :)


Older models of Kindle could (robotically) read text to you. It was a nice feature for the blind and it’s unfortunate that it’s gone.


The writer’s union (Writer’s Guild?) didn’t like it. They (and probably Amazon too) want you to buy an audible version.


I own a Paperwhite. On my wishlist are the hardware buttons of the kindle keyboard and the different light temperatures of the Kobo Aura One. Waterproof isn’t so much an issue for me.


And that’s mostly a better solution for those books where an audio version exists, but there are plenty that you can’t get that way.


Yeah this is completely based on money from authors and publishers, not a product thing.