The NFL 2018 Season


Cody Parkey loves this post.


Think I woke up my entire street when that field goal doink doinked. What a win.


On the plus side, my boycott of the NFL is no longer in danger.


On this day in NFL history… Former Dolphin Fullback Rob Konrad fell off his boat and swam back to shore. For sixteen hours.


Wait, he hit the post 4 times in one game?
That’s nuts.


I know. What are the odds even if you were trying to hit it? I can’t imagine he’s right in the head anymore about his kicks. He’s like one of those baseball pitchers who lose it and throw wild pitches instead of strikes.


So, uh, GO COLTS!

Because if the Pats have to play KC in KC they’ve got no chance.


I disagree with that. Anyone playing against an Andy Reid team always has a chance, especially in the playoffs, and a very good one at that.


And the New York Jets hire…

Fired Dolphins coach Adam Gase.

GRRM is gonna lose a month in depression now.


The Cleveland hire, on the other hand, I don’t think is a bad one given who was available.


I think that Jets hire is the only one so far that is legitimately bad.


Kitchens’ work with Mayfield was the biggest reason for the Browns’ turn around, so I think it was a very good hire.


Totally agree. Kitchens has a ton of potential and upside. He reinvigorated the Browns offense after the team shed the dead weight duo of Jackson and Hailey, Mayfield really likes him, he’s young and relates well to all of the players, and Cleveland likely would have lost him at the end of next season when the Browns would have had two decent offensive production seasons in a row and other teams came calling to poach him as a HC candidate. This deal locks him up for several years in Cleveland, and the only real risk is that he might struggle with the leap from OC to HC. That’s a risk well worth taking given the potential rewards.

It does free up Gregg Williams though. Given the fact that McDaniels is staying put and LaFleur, Kingsbury, Arians, Kitchens, Fangio, Koetter, Bowles and Gase are all off the board now as either new HCs or coordinators, the pool of potential “good hires” (not that I would rate all of the above as such) is evaporating fast. Williams moves to near the top of that list now.

Meanwhile the Bengals still need a head coach who isn’t Hue Jackson, Bill Lazor, Darren Simmons or Vance Joseph (all of whom would simply be Marvin Lewis clones or worse). I know they are sort of hot for Eric Bieniemy, OC for the Chiefs, and there is buzz that they have interest in Todd Monken, Tampa Bay’s OC (and a guy who may finally be able to take the Bengal’s stable of offensive talent and make it all work together the way it should), but Williams is now certainly worth a look as well for the job he did tying everything together in Cleveland to salvage their season.

Of course the Bengals will wait until all of these guys are gone…then announce “fan favorite” Hue Jackson as the next head coach, because Bengals.


As a Browns fan, that’s kind of my dream scenario


Packers hiring Hue Jackson would be the best thing that has ever happened.


Too late for that, but it sure would be the most Bungles thing to do.


Oh durr, my bad. Is that the dude my local radio guys were making fun of because the original press release listed “friends with Sean McVay” as a selling point of the hire?


The Green Bay folks prefer the term “protege” to “friend.”




He’ll still beat us for vengeance’s sake.