The NFL 2018 Season


The opium pipe is doing you no favors there, Coach Trigger.

You wait next til year and make a play in the draft for youth. Kaep isn’t a spring chicken. And Snyder isn’t hiring a leftist activist to be his QB. Imagine when Kaep hosts the anti-Redskins team name rally his first day off after being signed? Mother Jones will have 3 reporters there! That’ll trend on Twitter…



I mean, I hear you, but no. Not this deep into the season. You make choices like that in the offseason. Play for the now and all that. Maybe if we were the Rams or Kansas City?

As a comparison, I’ll throw a common practice in the NHL here. The third string goalie for a lot of teams? A scrub. Some, famously, are people that have never played in an NHL game and only get called and paid for a game when a team is deep in doo-doo on the injury list. It has to be that way. There are a limited number of slots on a team and making a high dollar choice and roster slot for 3 deep at every position isn’t possible. You also occasionally hear funny news stories like this, where a 36-year-old accountant gets to go be a goalie for a night.

That third level guy doesn’t need to be Kapernick. He just needs to be able to take the field in an oh-shit moment. I’m actually surprised they went with Sanchez.


I think you’re missing the point with Kaepernick, whether intentionally or not. He’s not some woke activist - he’s a black man that is sick to death of seeing fellow black men murdered by police. Calling him a Woke circus whatever is disparaging his very sincere protests to bring attention to this cause. It’s only controversial because of Trump and the GOP racist bullshit.


Do they think that? If so, I want to ask what they’re smoking.

I believe the defensive line and linebackers are good - perhaps very good. No issues there. \

But ignoring the gaping hole at QB (do you really think Smith will play again?), we don’t seem to have much in the way of Wide Receivers, AP will be a year older and a lot of the hopes for next year are riding on a bunch of offensive linemen who keep suffering season-ending injuries.

Not to mention that I still think our defensive secondary “coverage” scheme was made up in someone’s fever dream - I’m no football insider but it seems to me that for years our zone coverage consists of letting the other team complete 10-15 yard passes at will.

So unless Philly and Dallas both self-destruct next year, I gotta say our playoff chances seem more than a year away.


That’s as may be, but a media circus surrounding a certain set of politics follows him, and Snyder will not want that associated with his brand.

I get the point with Kaep, but I don’t think Snyder does. Nor cares. He might if they were a team missing one piece for a Super Bowl run. They aren’t.


Yeah, but his politics are literally just “hey cops, stop murdering black men”. The circus was created by Trump and all that craziness.

But you’re right, Snyder seems the type to dismiss him out of hand due to his protests. There’s got to be a better QB out there than Sanchez though. Hell, find the best available CFL QB and give them NFL money to come add some life to the playoff drive.



Spring Chickens


Not a spring chicken

I mean, the bottom line here isn’t that Kaepernick is some sort of amazing football god, but he is probably the most capable backup option for a lot of teams.

Like I said before, there are 0 football reasons to pull Sanchez out of mothballs instead of Kaepernick.

Now, prior to Smith’s injury, as hopeless as some Redskin’s fans have been, they had a real shot at competing for the NFC east title. The Cowboys were dysfunctional (that has changed a bit) and they have had a steady defense, and a decent offense.

I would agree that now is the time to blow everything up for the Skins (but they are still going to have to pay Smith), but even so a team not signing Kaepernick as a backup is mind-blowing when you see some of the dregs being pulled out in the late season. It is a bit hindsight 20/20 as bringing in Kaep now isn’t going to work, as he won’t know the schemes and offense, and signing him as a backup at the start of the season would have made more sense.

But man, have we had some real ass-level QB play in the NFL this year (as well as some amazing young talent)

I suppose we can thank Kaepernick for letting us be blessed with another Mark Sanchez game, and many amazing Nathan Peterman games.


‘Spring Chicken” means young, so I ‘d reverse the captions on your picture book above, to make it mean what you want it to mean. ;)

As well, Kaep still isn’t a Spring Chicken in the context I was using it; a young QB you’d build a team around.


And The Bills are now on to Josh Allen. Who is better than Tannehill. And Kaep.


As much as I think that someone who is 31, who probably has at least 5 good years left definitely could be someone to build a team around, we can disagree about that. The Redskins signed a 34 year old to a 4 year contract (with 71 million guaranteed) to build a team around, instead of paying the 30 year old Kirk Cousins to be a “young player to build a team around”

But I am not talking about building a team around someone, I am talking about playing backup, I mean, they brought Sanchez in out of nowhere to play for the Skins. (hasn’t played a snap since 2016, like Kaepernick) If you are talking for purely football reasons for winning games, you would sign Kaepernick 10 times out of 10 over Sanchez to backup McCoy (the “young” QB to build around" ?) if you plan on competing this season.

But they care more about optics than winning games, and now the season is basically over.

Let’s hear from a Redskin’s fan blog


Great. My point.


How about you don’t do that again? Thanks.


Except the biggest reason ever. Colin has an active grievance against the collective bargaining agreement of the NFL. That is still in arbitration. There is no path for him to play right now, until he and the league resolve that.

That’s also bypassing that he has been over two years from a game. No practice, unknown physical status, unknown clearance for any substances, etc.

And as mentioned for Sanchez:
Reason 1: Immediate availability
Reason 2: Cheap

Those are football reasons. Look, would it be swell if Kaep were to get picked up here? Sure it would. It’s not going to happen though in a quick situation hire.

This is getting a bit borderine P&Rish, but I think all of us are over there anyway and it’s been brought up there as well. Now it’s my team getting the, “well the Skins didn’t even THINK of Kaep, so they’re part of the problem.”

Jon I really don’t think that’s the case, fan blog or no. I mean, I hope not. We have enough issues with our name being Redskins than to throw something like racism or lack of empathy towards Black Lives Matter to be on our hotplate as well.

And I can’t read the minds of those in the front office who made the call. All I know is that I don’t think it has to do with us picking a star right now, but rather, for a backup moment. You know, now that McCoy is out, maybe they WILL think of Kaep. But I think his arbitration might be a sticking point.


Sure, I can do that. I think we can all respect other’s wishes regarding communication and courtesy here, and respond, and converse (or not) as others request us too.


Wait, what? His insistence on keeping the name has already brought racism into the fold. Along with misogyny, as demonstrated by that cheerleader photo trip.


Fair. Okay, more racist then. And by that I mean, let’s not throw lack of hiring Kaep as us being that. And by us I mean Redskins the team or the Redskins fans. Dan Snyder? You can throw him under the bus as much as you want, I’m not a fan of the guy.

I’m not our owner, but I’m a fan of the team. I would be the first to tell Dan not to be stubborn on a name change, but there are many fans who aren’t in that category. He has the last say on it though.


Yeah, I don’t think anyone blames Washington fans for the name or ownership behavior in general. It would definitely suck to be a fan of a team that happens to have a dick for an owner.


Worse, he’s a meddling idiot!

He commits the cardinal sin of being both terrible, and a jerk. People may not like a jerk that gets results, but they usually respect them. I hate Bill Belicheck, but I respect his ability. Lovie Smith was not a great head coach, but was a decent enough guy and I never personally disliked him (despite ‘Rex is our quarterback’).

Snyder is neither likable, nor good at his job.


I am going to have to say a lot of that goes for Sanchez as well. He played half of a week 17 throwaway game in the 2016 season.

I am not going to pretend to know what is going on in Colin Kaepernick’s head, but he and his agent have said that he is fully ready to play, is continuing to workout and practice on his own. The NFL is just not interested, He, for his part, says he is fully committed to returning and playing.

As for

Eric Reid had an active grievance filed against the NFL, and was signed by the Panthers.

Well, Kaepernick meets reason 1, and as for reason 2, that is a money issue, not a football reason.

But, they put Reuben Foster on their plate.

Which I guess counteracts my point that they don’t care about optics. I guess they care about the anthem, but don’t care about domestic abuse?

Dan Snyder is cancer.