The NFL 2018 Season


I don’t see why we can’t just talk about anything NFL-related in here. Kaepernick and various QB injuries. Kareem Hunt’s off the field activities. All of this falls under the NFL umbrella. Not every discussion will interest every poster but that’s true of every thread.

Can’t we all just get along and hate the Patriots together?


The real smart play on Washington’s part would be to sign Kareem Hunt to go alongside Ruben Foster and then sign Kaepernick.

Kaep would soak up all possible Skip Bayless Outrage Minutes and then they could release him in the off-season having not played a single down.


Hear hear!


I’ve been hating them since 1980.

Sad to say, they will be crushing us this weekend. Badly.

I actually think it’s time to clean house. Tannenbaum, Grier and Gase. But Ross won’t do it, I am pretty sure. I envy Green Bay’s opportunity to start fresh but I fear they’ll try to keep the “system”. Fatal mistake.


Tannehill is 3-1 against the Pats in Miami and Belichick is only .500 in Miami in his time in New England.

Clearly Miami should be heavy favourites*.

*Just don’t look at the road results.


The defense is horrific. We have no weapons on offense. The schemes themselves are horrific. The team has no identity.

It’s time to reset.

They could beat the Empire 42-10, and I’d still say that.


Sure, I think enough has been said about it anyway, the Skins made their choice.

As for McCarthy, as a Packers fan I am glad he is gone. While I don’t think Rodgers is 100% blameless in the issues on offense, but I know that McCarthy was definitely the one holding the team back more.

Rodgers has some real personality issues, he is very professional, and very good at what he does, and he kind of expects everyone to immediately be on his level, and it doesn’t happen. He can be really cold to his team-mates when they make mistakes. The fact that the packers haven’t had a solid #1 option since Greg Jennings left certainly hasn’t helped the offense either. Nelson got the closest, but I don’t think giving him up was the worst decision. But Rodgers really hasn’t clicked super well with a lot of the new guys. He has been able to do some heroics with the team and offensive schemes McCarthy has given him, but it just isn’t enough anymore.

McCarthy has straight up made plenty of decisions that cost the Packers games. Wasted time-outs, bad challenges, conservative play calls. It isn’t a fit in the NFL or the team we have now. If we had a team like Dallas, it would make sense, reliable run game, steady passing game etc. But the Packers and Rodgers are built as an explosive offense team. A team that is one blown coverage from a TD every play. That just didn’t fit with McCarthy’s style.

I am glad he is gone, I don’t know if we will find a better replacement, but it just wasn’t clicking, and you are always going to side with the guy who you just gave a guaranteed 100 million dollars. This is his last big shot in the NFL, and you know he wants another ring. It wasn’t going to happen with McCarthy. The NFL has changed a lot in the last 10 years, and McCarthy was stuck in the past.

As for possible head coaches go, I don’t know, but it needs to be an O.C. that is excited to work with Rodgers and make new plays, and work on getting in some offensive player talent to compliment Rodger’s strengths.


Looks like Sanders is done for the year in Denver with a torn Achilles. Not sure if that is good or bad for my playoff hopes since I’m relying on great points from Lindsay at RB!


If you open the door to this kind of anarchy, what’s next? People posting about actual wars in the wargaming thread?


I chortled. I wouldn’t say it was a guffaw, but it was definitely more than a snort.


Was McCarthy allowing Rodgers to audible on all downs, or was it still the whole “you can sandlot it in the red zone, but the other plays, you run it or the check play”?

What is the FO like now? Does the current GM have the same power that Wolf did?


Apple would frown upon it:


Yes. Rodgers was allowed to audible on all downs, which led to a lot of tension. Rodgers would mess with the plays McCarthy had set up in his magical game-plan, and they would blame eachother when things didn’t work out.

I mean, he gave up play calling in 2016 and the packers went 10-6 and had an 8 game winning streak going into the NFC championship game. They did so well in fact, McCarthy decided to take the play-calling duties back, and well… we know how 2017 went.

That, and there have been some questionable personnel decisions, like the odd insistence to not to give the ball to Aaron Jones this year, McCarthy’s insistence that Brett Hundley was good, along with a plethora of other decisions.

Green Bay fans being Green Bay fans there are far too many people on McCarthy’s side here, which is just ludicrous. One of these 2 men is a lock for the Hall of Fame.

Look at Mark Chmura’s steaming pile of take

“Aaron’s not going to come out of this looking good. Aaron might be happy, but Aaron, to me, looks like the prima donna basketball player in the NBA that wants his coach fired,”

I won’t even get into the lightly coded racism about the NBA and its players but… Chmura really?

How can you talk to anyone about “looking good”

This is of course about the incident where Mark decided to live the “American Beauty” dream and skeeze on some high school girls at a post-prom party.

Monday, she told the jury about the April 9 incident at Robert Gessert’s home, when she said Chmura called her down the hall, pulled her inside a bathroom and locked the door.
“He started to kiss my neck,” she said, sobbing. “It was hazy, it was like it was not happening to me.”
She said Chmura groped her breast and pulled down her pants.
“He had his other hand on my back and he pulled me down onto the floor,” she told jurors in a Waukesha County courtroom.
“What happened next?” District Attorney Paul Bucher asked.
“He raped me,” the 18-year-old girl said.
The teenager, then 17, said she did not yell or try to fight off the 6-foot-5, 250-pound former football player.
“It was like a dream. I didn’t know what was going on. I didn’t know what to do,” she said.

He was acquitted, but dude was a total skeeze. Hanging out a high school party in your 30’s as a married guy?

Chmura’s accuser testified she disliked the former NFL star because he made suggestive remarks to her and had hit on her when she baby-sat his children, once giving her a $20 tip because she was cute. She also testified both she and Chmura were drunk at the party, which Gessert’s daughter held after the Waukesha Catholic Memorial High School prom. A nurse who examined the teen later that day testified injuries Chmura’s accuser suffered were consistent with sexual assault.

Sounds like a great judge of character.


So that was still the root of it all, huh? "I have the perfect play sheet. " and then grudging audibles. That was the part of his “system” I found so ludicrous when Philbin came down here. Tannehill ain’t “the guy”, but I saw him get killed by the same corner blitz every other play in 6 different games Philbin’s last two years . And he looked scared. Because he couldn’t audible out. And the Defense knew it too.

Well, Philbin ain’t the new guy. I wonder what West Coast’er they could get out there? Who is available?

What about my GM question?


I don’t know too much about the Packers FO, true that Wolf and Ted Thompson basically did 100% of the personnel decisions in terms of drafting, hit on a couple real big stars, including picking up Rodgers at 24th overall (Alex Smith was drafted before him). I don’t know about the FO too much, but I assume they pretty much wield the same amount of power as before, as McCarthy was never the final say in personnel decision making.

Rodger’s story is pretty fantastic. He was great in high school, setting divison records, but no D1 schools would take him, he ended up playing for Butte community college, and after a stellar year there, he finally got picked up by Cal. Where he continued to play in an NFL level passing offense, until he was overlooked for Alex Smith.

So yeah, the guy definitely has a chip on his shoulder, and he plays like it.

And… oh boy, are things already looking like a circus.

Idiotic packers fans will probably balk at hiring the HC from Michigan, who absolutely smoked the Packers with Colin Kaepernick as the head coach of the 49ers. The hatred is strong in packer country.

The 49ers were 44-19-1 with Harbaugh in charge, with five playoff wins, three NFC title game appearances and a perfect 4-0 record against McCarthy, including two playoff victories.

But I say, fuck it, rather him than some system guy. If he is willing to build an explosive offense around Rodger’s talents, bring the guy in.

Josh McDaniels makes a lot of sense too. Jumping from the Patriots to Indy? Obviously that wasn’t what he wanted, but jumping from the Patriots to coach Aaron Rodgers in the wide open NFC North (forget the scary-ness of the Bears next year) That seems attractive. Getting a QB just as capable as Tom Brady, without the weird cult-science B.S. trainers? Sounds like a win.

Though, the record of the Bellicheck coaching tree leave a lot to be desired, but McDaniels is probably the closest to being the real deal, even though his HC stint in Denver wasn’t great. He was with the Patriots for every one of their Super bowls with Bellicheck.

I honestly would prefer Harbaugh. Given those 2 options. Get somebody different in, not another Patriots system guy, it really depends on who can maximize the 4-5 years of Rodgers has left of near peak play.


I’ve become a fan of the Defensive Guy as the HC who hires and reigns in the young Genius OC (rinse/repeat when the young Genius gets his own gig). Harbaugh is kinda/sorta that personality, while obviously being an Offensive guy.

But I don’t think he is ever leaving Blue.


Man, he was OC for the Rams for a year and flamed out. Whatever kind of offensive mastermind he was supposed to be didn’t manifest itself in St. Louis.


He’ll eventually wear out his welcome like he does everywhere he goes.


True but the Rams had other issues then too.


They did, but they had a solid defense. If he had done well with the offense they would have been a better team.

I’m not saying the guy won’t be a good HC, but I’m not sure his track record predicts that. When he’s been away from New England he has struggled.