The NFL 2018 Season


Hey, now…

KC is gonna beat them in the AFC championship game, anyway.


As if Belichick is going to let some young, no-name quarterback beat him in a big game.

Wait a minute…


Whoever plays the Patriots in the playoffs should borrow Nick Foles and Eli Manning to stand on the sideline and stare at Brady all game.


That’s also true, and it’s not just him. Many of the Belichick coaching tree have had modest to poor results. Charlie Weis, Romeo Crennel, and McDaniels have little to show for their stints as head coaches. The front office guys have had mixed results too.

Bill O’Brien has been steady for the Texans and is probably the most successful. We’ll see how things go for Vrabel and Patricia.


I think we all know how it’s going to continue to go with Patricia.


It sounds like things are not going well with Alex Smith’s surgery/recovery. Infection issues that are probably going to result in more surgery and reconstruction and which may end his career.


Ah, that’s too bad. He carved out a pretty decent career for himself. Never too flashy but racked up a nice win-loss record over the years.


He was never the guy that he was hoped to be when taken at the top, but was a solid player for a long time.

There’s something to be said for being steadily competent for a long period of time,


He ended up being a better than average QB IMO. He had good mobility and was accurate. Maybe what held him back was being a bit risk-averse and not wanting to go downfield as much as a result.

But yeah, for a guy drafted #1 overall he never was elite.

He will be 35 in May. I’d retire due to the injury and focus on being healthy. He doesn’t want to be one of those ex-NFL players walking around with a cane.


Warning in advance - this is not a standard Kaepernick question/issue. :p

I have always wondered about the counterfactual of what would have happened if Alex Smith had not been replaced during the 49ers Super Bowl year. It’s not like they were having a terrible season under him.

If he goes to and in particular wins a Super Bowl with that team (and its defense), his legacy is very different.


This game tonight… ouch. Henry is GOAT?


The Jags were minutes away from the Super Bowl to 4-9 in the same calendar year. Pretty much the same personnel, too.

That window was more like a keyhole.


Jags just stopped trying about halfway through that 2nd quarter. They didn’t want to be there anymore.


Chiefs vs Ravens. I have to go grocery shopping now though. If I hurry I can catch the 2nd half when I get back.

In other games: Go Dolphins! (Vs Patriots).


Thank goodness that Washington didn’t do anything rash and signed Mark Sanchez to run their high-powered offense today and not create any team-wide distractions that would’ve negatively impacted their performance on the field.


So was New Orleans overperforming most of this season and are now regressing to their mean, or have teams figured them out?


The KC game has been crazy. They made an amazing comeback and tied the game and then a forced fumble got us to a field goal by KC to win it. And they missed the field goal.

Heading into OT now.


Oh my fucking sweet baby jesus.

Never give up.


OMG they just played the closing play in the Dolphins game that won them the game against the Patriots. I’ve never seen something like that work before. That was amazing!


Amazing finish to the Dolphins game! That play that worked never works. So awesome!