The North Korea Thread


Shockingly, it looks like NK is still enriching uranium


Are we classifying this as fake news or “special hell for Kim Jong Un”? It’s hard to decide which GOP line applies. Best wait till the Orange God tweets.


I was told they said they were gonna stop.


This is either fake news, or the North Korean people love the Dear Leader so much they are giving up food to help pay for the enrichment program.


So the evil dictator of North Korea with a history of lying and double dealing lied again? Shocked I say, shocked.


C’mon, guys; Trump looked into his eyes and saw a kindred spirit. You know, a compulsively lying megalomaniac. This is all part of the amazing deal Trump made in order to stop Kim Jong Un from reenacting Olympus Has Fallen.


Weirdest timeline


It’s like he’s using the State Dept. to pass along notes and items to his little crush.

“Do you like me? Circle your answer below!”


Who knew denuclearizing North Korea could be so hard?!


Lol, guess that didn’t go so well.


Nobody saw this coming. Nobody I tell you!


Ah man the CD gambit didn’t work


No surprise; everyone who meets Trump regrets it.




My surprised face is getting such a workout lately.


I have a resting surprised face so if anything my face muscles are currently atrophying.


Potatoes. He has the US over a barrel. I’m glad we’re the most respected country in the world over the debacle that was Obama. /s


Seems like North Korea respects Trump just about as much as most of us do.