The North Korea Thread


lol they aren’t even showing up for meetings any more.


I find it astounding, even today, that Trump is just going to pretend that things are going well in the face of all this evidence to the contrary. He even has an opportunity to act tough - restart the combined military drills with SK and start back up with his insane tweeting.

But instead, he’s just going to hope that nobody notices that the emperor has no clothes.


He released it because it has so many flowery words for him.

“Your Excellency Mr. President”


Look, obviously what we need here is just a little more patience. And a strategy. So maybe we can try that. Lets call it “Strategic Patience”. The liberals would never have thought of that.



Wow. The hashtags and @ mentions make that tweet kind of incomprehensible.


File this under the “who knew that negotiating with North Korea would be so complicated”



So how much did we give them for this shitshow?


We ended training with the South Koreans, which is itself a major concession and makes us less capable in the region.


I liked this response:


We were giving the North Koreans money for recovery of the war dead. That is a policy that pre-dates Trump. I believe the “demanded more money” is related to that.


I’m amazed that anyone thinks actual soldier remains are coming back as apposed to just random dead people.


For the dead we haven’t gotten?

I’ll accept it could have been shitty wording by the writer.


Ahhhh; I believe you’re right



How do they identify the remains?


“Identification of remains already recovered and under U.S. control. Unidentified Korean War remains are located as Unknowns at the NMCP and at DPAA’s Laboratory in Hawaii. Extensive efforts have been on-going to identify these remains using forensic anthropology, odontology, DNA and other scientific methods.”

Dental records, DNA from descendants/family members, etc. It’s actually a really sad issue to work…people just want some closure. And we owe it to them.


I think to gonna stand by my guess that North Korea just ships random bodies back then.


No, they had quite a few positive ID’s from the 90’s recovery. The issue was different remains were commingled in caskets.


I’m scheduled to take a tour of the Hawaii lab in a couple of months. I’ll ask them how they prevent the NK from shipping random bodies. They certainly have a financially incentive.