The North Korea Thread


All of this.

And the other thing is, Trump can make all the happy talk he’d like about their productive dialogue or whatever, but the sense of it is honestly that they’re exactly where they were after the last summit in Singapore, and there’s not really anything (thankfully) that should inspire much confidence in a third meeting.


For those who forget, this is EXACTLY what folks on the right said back when Obama was president, and there was talk of him meeting with North Korea.


Sometimes the folks on the right say things that aren’t greedy, hypocritical, and stupid.


But Obama never did actually meet with KJU did he? And he certainly never praised him publicly like Trump has been doing.

But yeah, both sides.


Obama for sure wouldn’t proclaim (loudly and multiple times) that he and a foreign dictator “were in love.”


That’s because he’d rather show than tell, IYKWIM.


Of course not. The last time an American President met with a North Korean leader – we’re still technically at war with the country – was ten years ago when former President Clinton negotiated for the release of two American journalists busted sneaking in from China. And when he did it, he looked suitably grim:

That’s how you sit next to a man who’s murdered thousands upon thousands of his own people. Rigidly, unsmiling, and with a very specific concrete reason for being there.



And, again, Clinton was heavily criticized by the far right for meeting with him.

None of that stuff they said meant anything.


Economic powerhouse makes a come back for the nation where almost everyone is literally starving and infested with parasites.


An important, well-used, beautiful word.

Still waiting for the journalist with the courage to follow up with ‘sir, that’s a word-salad jumble of bullshit, is it possible you don’t know what you’re talking about?’


I wish she had just thrown her shoes at him.



Trump is a weak leader, and his supporters are unpatriotic.


Well, yes, because the GOP long ago gave up any loyalty to anything other than their wallets.


Haven’t seen this posted yet.

Happened during the summit.


Unfortunately, no one clued in DJT to the fact that he’s a massive fraud.


That’s what you get when you give an idiot the reins to foreign policy.

Future books on incompetence in leadership will use Trump as the example per excellence.


Art of the Deal right? Make the extreme offer and negotiate backwards to what you really wanted.

Apparently it doesn’t work as well in foreign politics.


Also, at the end of the day, make major concessions to the opposition, while gaining literally nothing in return.