The North Korea Thread


The adults in the room.


hey, stop fighting in the warroom.


I still say give DJT the Peace Prize.




Oh come on, we’re supposed to believe the South Koreans? They’re just jealous of KJU and his bromance.


This isn’t the site that collapsed last year, is it?


That was the nuke testing underground site, this is the missile launch test pad site.

The Sohae facility has been inactive since August 2018, when North Korea seemed to be following through with a commitment they made to President Trump at the Singapore summit that Kim would dismantle a launch facility.


Never ending nightmare.


Well, he already met with Trump, and already played him, and he’s still there, so way to undercut your whole point, Lindsey.


And it seems it was the CIA:

Google translate can help, but tl;dr is that the North Korea Embassy in Madrid was assaulted five days before the summit.

Spanish media reports that the police and the intelligence service has apparently found ties with the CIA (two suspects identified and with known ties to the service), while the Washington Post points towards a dissident group (but this could possibly be disinformation, given that it came out three days after the Spanish authorities pointed to the CIA).

Spanish intelligence thinks that the CIA denial is “not really convincing”.

I’m actually surprised about how open they have been with this, btw.


Thanks for posing this; first because it is interesting, and second because it is excellent homework for my Spanish class!


Just speechless. And Sanders’ comment doubles down on demented.


@Malathor fully endorses this.


Trump: appeasing murderous dictators to own the Libs.


Non nyt article:


Well, he has the power to do it, and that’s what matters. It isn’t wrong in any sense, it’s just how the universe works. Right?


They are like peas in a pod. They both have weird hairstyles.


They go together like peas and carrots.


This seems good.