The one game you want made that isn't being made


Yeah, I spent a ton of time in the first three King’s Bounty games, and especially AP. I think Dark Side is in the bought-not-played pile. Four close-to-identical games was apparently where it became too much.

Speaking of them, though, it’s somehow been almost a decade since their two Fantasy-General-alikes (with Elven Legacy in 2009 being the more recent). I could also go for another Fantasy General!


Good one!


A sequel to Myth the Fallen Lords


The Ultimate Single Player CRPG.

I don’t know what that is exactly but it would tack along the ‘living world’ direction of things. Years ago my placeholder image of such a game would have your party questing along and you’d see an army march by, and the army was going to fight some other kingdom, and you could follow it, and witness the battle, and the political map of the entire world would alter based on the outcome, etc. Such a game would have multiple layers, not just the party-level world of NPCs and monsters, but also political/strategic/economic/ecological layers working themselves out. There would be a bard transcribing the whole long and complex narrative that emerged. There would, I suppose, be no end, unless it be the end of the world, or perhaps the political stuff would end with a denuded landscape and cities full of dead NPCs and there would be little point to questing anymore.

I suppose Dwarf Fortress gets as close to this as anything has done (I say, having played very little of it). I guess we’re talking about ‘procedural’ design, which is now sort of a despised buzzword in some quarters.

It may be impossible, or impractical. I have always liked it when RPGs decouple themselves from top-down narratives, though. I would also like more triple-A (or at least double-A) production values placed onto the systems of the more ambitious roguelikes. And a different feel – something more like, I dunno, Lords of Midnight or King of Dragon Pass or Romance of the Three Kingdoms in the way different layers interact with one another and are presented to the player.

Anyhoo. This thread is about wishing for ponies, right???




@Gordon_Cameron you’re getting close to describing the kind of fantasy TTRPG campaign I’ve tried to run once before and am desperate to take another crack at someday. Set up a bunch of setpieces, characters, nations, organizations, and plots and let them begin to tumble down as organically as possible, letting the players trot where they will, making what they want of each situation, or ignoring it in favor of others. Whatever issues they ignore may come back to bite them later, so hopefully the things they tried to help along earned them powerful allies.

It’s the kind of thing I think you’d need an astonishing AI breakthrough to power more than anything: a computer capable of simulating a breathing world, the actors within it, and their on-the-fly reactions to player interference at any level of the simulation. Don’t pre-script it: go based off the behaviors and prior experiences of the involved NPCs and entities alone. Some crazed mixture of Bethesda’s Radiant AI (except not bullshit), Shadow of Mordor’s Nemesis system, and Paradox’s courtley intrigues from Crusader Kings 2.


Oh, how did I forget this one?


Your ideas intrigue me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.


So two people want a sequel made to that oddly named game ;)
Bad jokes aside, now I’m super curious to see what you wrote then removed in such an innocuous thread LOL.

@Left_Empty (or anyone) Have you ever played any of the A-Train games? I don’t know if that’s in the vein of transport tycoon or Railroad Tycoon as it’s very Japan focused and more (entirely?) built around passengers.


Uhh, this is fun! Don’t have time to write much, but here’s an inconclusive list:

Majesty 3

Incubation 2

A true successor to the Realms of Arkadia Trilogy (Drakensang and Blackguards were alright, but pretty different experiences)

Outcast 2 (too bad the Kickstarter was so unconvincing)

Sequel to Max Design’s Oldtimer

X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter 2 / Freespace 3 / Privateer 3 (Travis got this covered, right!?)

Lords of Magic 2 (Sierra)

Omikron 2 would indeed be awesome!

Ascendany 2 with multiplayer. Alternatively, a sequel to Pax Imperia 3 with working mp.


The original was from 1991. It’s pretty good. They’ve made a few sequels since then, but I don’t think they ever managed to get the formula quite right.

As for me:

  • Darklands 2 - Imagine all the places you could set a sequel in: France, Italy, Russia, Turkey. Anywhere in the 1400s would be interesting.
  • A game like Romance of the Three Kingdoms but in another setting, like the War of the Roses. Shakespeare’s plays could be the source for the characters.
  • Perfect General 3


Based on reviews I read at the time, it wasn’t at all what I was looking for. There have been several sort-of attempts that involved running a tv station. They were all too micromanagey and small scale for me. I don’t want to decide which commercials to place on a syndicated movie I’m showing. I want to create a schedule and adjust based on ratings.

There was a promising one in beta in the early oughts. Sadly, it never went anywhere–single developer whose development apparently got derailed by his messy divorce. Although, Googling it again just now reveals that it was actually released but in a super buggy state.


yes plox


Artemis: Bridge Simulator, where you manage Contract Bridge teams in ancient Greece.


For that matter, how about an Artemis bridge simulator that puts the team on an eighteen wheeler full of gas down a post-apocalyptic highway?


ArteMadMax: Bridge Simulator? SOLD!


Unpopular opinion:

The rest of the Andromeda trilogy.


I wonder if @IndieDerekD could do that kind of game?




Nah, @divedivedive and I are right there with you. Popular enough for me!