The Opposition Thread


A reminder to never, ever, EVVVEERRRR lie to the Feds.


Hence with your optimism! This is the Opposition thread!


Ah, good point. I shall hie thence forthwith.


Yeah except his audience is going to gloss right over that and instead focus their time on the 2-3 paragraphs where he just bitches about the opposite party. It’s easy to claim you want to clean house but then just do business as usual which is not… cleaning house.


Dems wanted to use a 1920s law (passed in response to the Teapot Dome scandal) to let certain Congressional committees see Trump’s tax returns.

In a move that surprised no one, the Ways and Means Committee voted this down.

Which is infuriating, but look at it this way: every GOP Congressman who votes to block these kind of investigations is giving every potential election opponent a free plank to run on in 2018.


But it is okay for them to pull out whatever arcane law they used to stop Elizabeth Warren from speaking. Got it.


I guess, but if they’re only in danger of being primaried by someone even more right-wing, how does it harm them?


… I don’t follow. Congresscritters are harmed by being challenged by anyone, even if they’re from the same team. If nothing else, it sucks up time and resources. The threat of McMullin running against Chaffetz (or Hatch, if he’s feeling ambitious) is enough to ruin Chaffetz’s day, even if we filthy socialists consider the two much of a muchness.


I mean the right wingers who might challenge them wouldn’t have supported the investigations either, like as not.


Give it time.

There’s a fair number of people out there who jumped on the Trump Train primarily because they thought they were signing up with a winner, as seen on TV! Once the truth sinks in, some of these people are gonna get as mad as hell that the gold-plated President they ordered turned out to be painted plastic filled with cockroaches when it was delivered.

And, being the kind of people they are, they’re not gonna write it off as a life lesson. They’ll be looking for blood sacrifices.


I guess I’m just completely gobsmacked that it wasn’t completely obvious to all and sundry by last summer that Trump was “painted plastic filled with cockroaches” and I’ve therefore lost the hope that future info changes anything. Happy to be surprised, of course.


No, Rick’s audience is made of conservative folks who are disgusted with the GOP.


I don’t know if this goes here (I’m a little turned around by all the Trump threads) but I had to drop this somewhere:

So, this guy Puzder, who was accused by his wife of beating her, is likely to withdraw from consideration for Department of Labor because he is “tired of the abuse.”

You just can’t make this shit up.


He’s probably more tired of the tons of Republicans saying they will or might vote against him.

I think last we heard four confirmed against, up to twelve considering going against him.


Beating your wife is tiring work.


His poor hands. :(


This was criminally under-appreciated yesterday so I am quoting it just to congratulate you for writing it.


Good article from one of the brightest Congressman in recent decades.


If Qt3 had it, I would have clicked the “jolly guffaw” button. But alas, I resigned myself to private mirth and left to make myself a cup of tea.


No no I think that we’ve decided as a forum the proper recourse is to write “[INSERT “LIKE” HERE] nocapsfuckdiscord” in these situations, Kevin.