The Russia is getting more evil thread


I’m not sure where this goes. I guess it is possible it just a coincidence they happened to put running the ring out of the Trump Towers.



I was going to say that this goes hand in hand with the rumors that the Trump modeling Agency was basically a prostitution ring but, looking it up on Snopes, its seems that the rumors have more to do with bringing models over on bogus visas with the promise of a path to citizenship and then withholding pay and threatening them with with deportation and, ultimately, never making good on the citizenship end of the deal. Which is still super shitty (and of course, ironic) but not prostitution.


Did they at least pay the models? Because all things Trump seem to have a problem with that pesky issue of payment.


Kind of. They deducted exorbitant rent and mysterious agency fees that resulted in the models earning next to nothing in the end.

Full article here:

It’s not, “Oh my god, Trump was running a prostitution ring!” horrific but it’s just generally shitty and typical of his grifting, fuck people over ways.


So Trump is like some rich asshole from Dubai, except 100 times more tacky.


Sounds about as legit as Trump “University.”


That is basically how farm workers were made serfs to the people they worked for.


Can’t tell if bot/spam/fishing or… ?


I mean as far as fishy first posts go, I at least applaud the spirit, if not the execution.

That said the sad truth is far too many ‘donation’ sites turn out to be nothing more than scams played on well meaning people. Stick to proven groups.








Wait, the stealth fighters "enter"ed the bombers, presumably without consent? Sounds like a Trump-style intercept for sure.


Business Insider is basically a retweeter of news, evaluated for clickability. They undoubtedly rewrite AP and other people’s pieces for SEO purposes, and since they have no journalists and their volume is too high for editing, this kind of word typo is a common result.


Just a normal Saturday in the Nordic countries. The Norwegians arrested a Russian for spying on the parliament. And the Finnish police (supported by the army) raided a Russian-backed shell company that’s been buying out islands near shipping lanes / submarine power cables / military supply depots. Oh, and also buying surplus Finnish navy vessels.


Ugh. Glad they’re on top of this stuff.