The Russia is getting more evil thread


I find it amazing the today’s statement supporting the Britsh government’s expulsion of Russian “diplomats” is officially labeled as being from the press secretary of the White House, and that the President himself isn’t making it. God forbid, that might upset his Russian master.


Trump is so bad at everything he’s even bad at being a toady. I bet Putin is irritated with him.


A year of fake news trolling and half-baked social media memes had half of America and its vaunted media running in circles in 2016. Imagine what it does to a population when that’s all there is, every hour, every day, for nearly two decades.

Thats not a bad line either.


Sarah Suckabee described the expulsion of Russian diplomats from Britain as “a just response”.

ie. That’s our goojfc, we’re still not gonna do those sanctions Congress told us to do.


Oh good.


Yeah saw people mentioning that earlier. This is fine.


Oh, God, I don’t want to be a prepper…


My body generator is ready




Not much of interest in here except this:

British investigators are working on the theory that an item of clothing or cosmetics or a gift in the luggage of Skripal’s daughter was impregnated with the toxin, and then opened in Skripal’s house in Salisbury, the Daily Telegraph said.

Killing the daughter was part of the plan all along.


Since the US is kind of sidelined with our current administration, I’d advise the rest of the world to get ready for more, not less, crazy shit from Russia.



Ballot rigging… in Soviet Russia? Say it ain’t so?!

Cue Putin saying he didn’t ask anyone to fix the vote.


I’m guessing she’s gonna say no to that one.

The replies are a quick list of Russian bots for the most part. After all it could have been food poisoning guys!!


If you’re not in Putin’s inner circle… get out while you can.

…actually - the poisonings make even more sense now. Putin has shown even if you run away he will get you at a time of his choosing of his own - no matter where you are. This may mean wealthy individuals will feel they have a better chance to survive if they actually stay at home in Russia while keeping their head down.


Very odd. Putin gives feared? biker gang $41,000 to ride into Bosnia to do whatever they do.


I really, really didn’t want to be right about Putin’s interest in reclaiming the Baltic nations…

While some might want to draw parallels to the US and Hispanic populations (teaching Spanish in U.S. schools) don’t. This would be the opposite, like if the U.S. occupied all of Mexico and decided they HAD to teach English because the conquerors deemed it.

What most people don’t know, just like how Israel has been doing illegal resettlement’s to displace Palestinians, the Russian government did the same to Latvians, Lithuanians, and Estonians offering incentives and subsidized (ie. free) housing for those Russians that moved.



Geez, I thought nuke powered air vehicles went out with Tom Swift and all that. It’s like Cold War throwback night at the Bjiou.