The XBOX One


Guessing this might get its own thread soon, but hey.


Anyone try Space Hulk: Tactics yet?

— Alan


Hopefully going to play tonight. I’ll report back.


Article only indicates Netflix, though the setting (in v1810) appears to be system-wide.

Anyone in the preview ring know if the BluRay app supports Dolby Vision too?


Also, heads up: the Mark of the Ninja remaster releases today. If you bought the base game on 360, the remaster will cost you $5. If you also bought the DLC, the remaster is free!



Woah, cool. It says I own the remaster. Sweet! Thanks for the heads up!

Now I can put the remaster in the backlog like I did with the original.


Hey - dude. Slow down a second and listen to me, because this is me being serious - Mark of the Ninja was maybe my favorite game of last gen, definitely the best 2D stealthy ninja game I have ever played. It would be a mistake to drop this in your backlog and forget about it. Just sayin’.


Well, I’m glad I didn’t sign up for another 3 months of Game Pass for $15 that the dashboard has had for the weekend. I can’t play games I own when I’m on Game Pass. It’s like a timer that’s running in the background, reminding me I can play the games I own later, right now it’s time to play Game Pass games only.

So theoretically I’ll be free of this albatross on November 1st, the day after Halloween. I’ll put Mark of the Ninja as a reminder on my phone for that day.


I don’t think so. Just HDR10 (which has been supported for some time)


I can only imagine they will add Dolby Vision support for other apps (Amazon Prime Video) and Blu-Rays at some point. Unless there’s a licensing issue I suppose.


You should be able to install and/or play this on the product page where you have options to do whatever. If you’re on the Game Pass page you may not be able to. Though I’m not sure why this matters?

— Alan


You’re missing what he’s saying - it’s not a technical issue, but an “if I have Game Pass active, it’s a waste of money to play anything except games I only have access to as part of Game Pass” issue. The subscription-based MMO problem, in other words.


Of course, if he took my advice and cashed in MS Rewards points for Game Pass he wouldn’t be spending money and wouldn’t have this problem. But, what are ya gonna do.


Just accept you will be paying Microsoft $15 a month forever and that problem goes away.


I don’t even pay for Netflix every month anymore, I don’t know why I would pay for Game Pass all the time. There’s only so much time in the day. I don’t have enough time to watch all shows all the time, so I only get Hulu for the month I want to catch up, Netflix for when I want to catch up on those, Sling when there’s a live sporting event on ESPN, etc. Same token with games. If I get games for free for Xbox Live Gold, and sometimes games for free from EA Access, and games for free from Game Pass, there is only so much time to go around, so why waste money?

@divedivedive: I’m working on it. I have the system down, the first hour I spend at work when my boss isn’t here is to do searches on bing. I’ve gotten good at entering things fast now, I only spent about 20 minutes a day on searches now. At this rate, I earn 330 points a day, I think I’ll have 3 months of Game Pass for “free” in 30+ days. Or maybe more if I forget on some days, or am too busy at work. If I can get the searches down fast enough that I only need to spend 5 minutes a day, that will be more palatable. I think I can do it, I tried a new system this morning where I choose a random number, and then start counting down from that number. It makes subsequent searches really fast.

I still don’t consider this “free” though. I’m spending time, and I feel guilty that it’s technically my employer’s time, so if it’s down to 5 minutes, there will be less guilt too.


Also, wait for the periodic “sales” they do, they’ll knock the points requirement down by maybe 25% every few months or so. Don’t pay full price.


oooh right yeah I misread what Rockman was saying. In any event, that’s pretty much like any other subscription service… either you have time to play the games or not. I find it useful to play new Microsoft games that are free on Gamepass, and you can cancel whenever. I see more benefit, not less, but take it a month at a time as most other things.

— Alan


Hmm, that’s actually a really good point. I was thinking the 3 month pass because it’s less points per month to buy that, but having one month at a time would actually be more useful, to be activated when I need them.


They’re not free. You pay for the service. This is the mental trick of moving games to a service though. It worked on you. You thought you got something free, but you’re paying for it.


Yep. And I treat Xbox Live Gold games the same way, even though I haven’t lapsed membership since I first got it back in 2005. 360 games are yours to keep, but Xbox 1 games will lapse eventually whenever my gold membership lapses.