They Came From Hollywood Update

Things have been quiet for a while. Looking GREAT. I hope Lars is doing well, Sparky.

Awesome. But where’s the tiny Edward Woodward?

Ed Wood?
Anyway, something happened to Lars? Sparky, you never tell me anything any more.

The game looks great! I’m still really looking forward to it. Love the robot frogs.

Oh, and finally, congrats on the redesign. And how could you pass up an opportunity to mourn Fay Wray on the news page? Your anti-giant monkey bias knows no earthly bounds Sparky. Curse you Sparky!

Ha! That’s Burning Man!

…The players don’t have to defend those stinky hippies, do they?

The player is the giant robot, so no – quite the opposite. I believe each “stinking hippie” you squash is worth points. What I want to know is what happens when you step on one of those Port-a-Potties.

The port-a-potties used to be indistructable (or at least able to witstand an A-10 attack!), but I think that’s scheduled to be fixed before release. :)

haha Do they still need screams?

I didn’t know that ravers were identified as hippies… :?: :shock: :?:

Ravers don’t go to Burning Man, it’s too light out in the desert!

I’ve always thought of ravers as hippies.

Damn dirty hippies.

is Sparky seriously a female? for the past 4 years I have known him/her I thought she was a he!!!

  1. Harold Haxton is our Ed Wood (he actually met Ed Wood, but they did not get along).

  2. Lars has been feeling crappy and having huge headaches for a long time, and sinus surgery didn’t really fix it. The new doc thought it might be a tumor [size=2](I recommended trepanation)[/size], but thankfully it’s not - his pituitary just mysteriously conked out. Still working on the right combo of drugs [size=2](I recommended laudanum + THC + Pixie Stix)[/size], but he’s feeling better. Thanks for the well wishes.

  3. Terribly sorry about Fay Wray, but I hate monkeys.

  4. Yes, that is Burning Man (or rather, The Incendiary Guy Festival). [size=2]Vaguely prog rock-related trivia to make Steve Bauman roll his eyes: That purple building is my version of the purple building from Roger Dean’s painting The Jade Sea.[/size]

  5. Dirty hippies are edible and worth valuable points (“Woah, the hippie’s starting to kick in”).

  6. Porta Potties are debris objects (as opposed to other stuff that just gets crushed in place) – you can kick them, throw them, they get damaged. Nothing gross happens, although maybe now I have to rethink that…the game engine does support hazardous/toxic waste spills.

  7. Yes, we still need screams. You can never have too many screams.

For the love of God, you can’t have pink hair and carry skull purses and mention Roger Dean. There are laws against this kind of thing.

Dude – I, like, have his autograph and everything.

That Roger Dean autograph is just so cool! Will you put some of those organic buildings in TCFH that he and his brother designed, for the robots to step on? Anyway I think it was him and his brother, I had a book of his paintings once but can’t find it now. :cry:

What disturbs me is that while there’s a 50-foot woman to play, there isn’t, as far as I can tell, a 50-foot overly cute anime-girl to play (20 feet of which are eyes).

This looks awesome. If/when a preview build is available, I’d love to put this on the show.

W00t! You got it (as soon as it’s available). Say, do you think we can get Anna Nicole Smith to dress up as The Tin Behemoth?

Have you been ignoring all the photos she and others have put up of her all this time?

Sparky is the sexiest member on this forum, by far.