Things you should never, under any circumstances, ingest but are technically food


I have a stove vent similar to @ArmandoPenblade that vents directly to the house after a slight run through of a filter that is near useless.

So I’ve smelled fried chicken for 12 hours. Hell I’ve smelled it for 2 days. I’ll pass.


Ugh, yeah. I need to change my oil on the fryer this week. I went to put on my jacket that was sitting on a stool by the island that serves as my kitchen with surface today, and it smells a little like Burger King and Cookout had a gross baby. And then deep fried it.


How many times have you changed clothes before going out somewhere because they smell like the food you cooked earlier in the day? I know I have, many, many times.


When we had our roof redone, that was #1 on my list to have changed. Stove vent that actually vented to the outside. Oh what a glorious difference!


Luckily our bedroom is pretty enormously separated from the kitchen, and my gf and I have learned to keep that door–and the closet door beyond it–closed while cooking. But the entryway closet with all the jackets (and the stools we lazily toss em onto when we don’t feel like rummaging through said closet) are right there by the kitchen, and d’oh :(

But hey, I hate wearing jackets anyway, and luckily, I live in balmy NC!


I’m jealous. I’ve been plotting a kitchen remodel, “one day …,” and that’s part of it. I have space above my kitchen, and though I will hate giving up some cabinet room, I surely want to have a full stove vent. We’ve also discussed ways to open up some additional room. The hard part is getting from the thought to the action (and budget.)


We had to take out a massive loan :( But a leaky roof was scarier.


If they make it smell like the front of a KFC instead of the back of a KFC, then it’d be good.


Unfortunately, we live in a 2-story house with a walk-up attic, and the kitchen is directly under my office, so there’s no practical way to vent outdoors. And those stupid vent/fans built into the bottom of the microwave are imo genuinely worse than useless.


Is your kitchen mid-house? Our vent goes out the side of the house, not through the roof.


Re flavored seltzer, in theory it could be good, but in practice they tend to use fruit essence instead of juice, which makes it bitter and horrible. And Polar one-off flavors like unicorn sweat or whatever are just bizarre…

Also, if it matters to you, Poland Spring is owned by Nestle, one of the most despicable companies on the planet. Sadly they also bought San Pellegrino, which I actually like despite the inflated price.


Not sure if it was intended, but just for the sake of clarification, polar is not related to Poland spring.


My wife has trouble with dairy so we get some sort of almond milk usually. He mother got us some oat milk try instead. Made our morning protein shakes with it today. Oat milk tastes fine. But it is the Draino of milk substitutes. 😵


Kitchen is the back room in the house, but the stove is against the interior wall, and middle of that wall. It would require a 15-foot run in either direction, through a pantry in one direction or the laundry room in the other.


"A nationwide ban on using food waste as pig feed due to African swine fever outbreaks is also spurring the growth of the cockroach industry.

Cockroaches are also a good source of protein for pigs and other livestock. 'It’s like turning trash into resources,'said Shandong Qiaobin chairwoman Li Hongyi.

Elsewhere in Sichuan, a company called Gooddoctor is rearing six billion cockroaches.

At Gooddoctor, when cockroaches reach the end of their lifespan of about six months, they are blasted by steam, washed and dried, before being sent to a huge nutrient extraction tank."

edit: wait, the reuters article is better, seems to be the original. Warning, it has moving roach video.


Um… I’ll just have a salad, thanks.


Unless the lettuce was grown in the Central Valley of California.


Ah… hmm… Make that a bag of chips and a six pack.


There are some kind of roasted insects that actually look kinda tasty. Not cockroaches though.