Thor 4, or, What We Do In Space... Shadows

Reading the replies was fun. People were giving him shit and he was going nuts about it. The fun part was in between him whining about fans jumping on him he kept posting how he wasn’t bothered by it or how it wasn’t an issue etc. Just a point of order there, KR. If you have to constantly remind people of how not bothered you are while insulting and attacking those who replied to your tweet, here’s a dose of reality for ya. You are bothered by it. A lot.

If my math is correct, by 2030, every single actor in the known universe will have played at least one role in the MCU.

Teaser’s up.

We’re getting a montage!

Well, that looks just great. And July! For some reason I thought this was the fall (Sept/Nov) release.

It’s a thin line between being funny and buffoonery and camp, and Thor 3 managed to walk that line well. This looks to do the same. Looking forward to it.

Yep, consider me hyped.

Omg everything about this trailer is great. I laughed hard at Thor trying to lock eyes with Starlord. Was that Zeus? And Natalie Portman’s arms! She’s ripped.

I just want to say I am really proud of this thread title. I saw it get bumped and I thought, “what clever QT3er came up with this terrible title?” And it was me.

I assume the lightning bolt is Zeus’. I’m looking forward to this movie not just because it should be fun, but because I sold a story to Galaxy’s Edge that references it. Real Thor gets out of the theater having of course seen it the first day and runs into real Loki at the food court. He then uses Hemsworth as a role model in deciding what to do…

Don’t much give a damn about Thor but I do dig the Guardians so, may need to make some time in the schedule for this one.

HAHA LOL. Me too!

This and GOTG are the only Marvel franchises I am following. Trailer looked dope.

I like this

His armor looks like a bad cosplay to me.

I think most movie costumes are like this. The lighting takes care of it.

New trailer: