Tiny Tina's Wonderlands - What if Borderlands, but all Tina's DnD?

You weren’t the only one suckered in. The DLC/season pass stuff for both BL3 and BL2 were great.

Season pass not being worth it is very useful information. Thanks guys.

Base game should be a lot cheaper than the complete edition during the winter sales.

On GMG it’s 35 for the base version and 45 for the one that includes the pass right now. I think I’d still get the one with the pass for that price difference because I’m a weak willed person. :)

I definitely wouldn’t. The season pass isn’t worth anything.

With that extra $10, you can buy a different wonderful indie game!

I just bought Horizon Zero Dawn for PC yesterday for $13, so you can buy a different wonderful AAA game.

I already have that on the PS5. :) Very pretty game, but the setting really isn’t my jam. I really should give it another shot when I’m bored.

Just bought this on the winter sale. Thank you all for the warning on the season pass.

Need more funny gaming after the brilliance of High on Life.

Register your key things for in game stuff.

*SHiFT codes expire 1/6/2023. Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands and SHiFT account required to redeem. Each code may be redeemed once (1) per SHiFT account.

Thanks, @lordkosc ! Made it in under the wire with the SHiFT codes.

Can’t believe you still can’t paste the codes into the game. Thank gosh for the website.

Free preview weekend for this on Xbox. Xbox One version. The same time as the preview for Crew Motorsport. And while I’m busy playing Starfield.

Stupid timing.

Its a very good game. And its fun. And its awesome - try it!

Thanks for the encouragement. I downloaded both the Crew trial and Tiny Tina’s trail this morning. Let’s see if I can make time this weekend.

It’s the best borderlands, very charming, but it is still borderlands. If you enjoy that gameplay you’ll love it.

I actually finished the game which is pretty rare for me too. Not overlong.

I loved the original Borderlands. I didn’t like the DLC at all. And I tried playing Borderlands 2 and 3 but couldn’t get into them. So either I’m over Borderlands, or maybe this will bring me back to enjoying it? We shall see.

My problem with BL2/3 was there was just way too much stuff to do, not enough direction, too much grinding. So I just hit open-world ennui and stopped playing after a couple weeks. TTW fixes all that being much shorter and more digestible. It’s also genuinely funny and not cringy the whole damn time.

I tried the beginning of the game. I loved the character creation. It’s so refreshing not to have the same old fantasy classes. I also got to the part where you collect a gun, which would have been pretty funny if it hadn’t been spoiled for me already by this thread that despite fantasy despite melee focused classes and stuff in character creation, this is still a game about guns.

Hopefully I’ll get to play again tomorrow morning.

The game’s DLC was a huge let down to me as someone who bought the season pass. To say the DLC offering was rather anemic is an insult to anemic DLCs everywhere. The game is thoroughly fun for a run through, but it’s end game legs are also pretty short.

And I hate those penguins…

I didn’t get to play much. But I played enough to put it on my wishlist on Xbox.

It was interesting how intrusive the DLC was in character creation. Hey, if you want to make this type of character background, you need to purchase DLC. Oh, if you want this type of class, you need to purchase DLC. It kind of made the DLC very tempting actually, since it’s right there at character creation.

The big issue was the initial DLC that come out you could finish in literally 15 minutes. And then you were supposed to continue to kill the same boss every 15 minutes ad nauseum. We starred at that thing in disbelief. compared to other DLCs from gearbox which were epic it was a huge let down.

EDIT: That being said, I hope you guys did get to play the Free weekend and take advantage of that because the initial game is well worth it and a lot of fun. More Ashley Burch is never a bad thing =)