To Ogre or not to Ogre!


Wow, there is so much stuff to punch out and then trying to figure how to organize the smaller pieces (should I do it by faction or by vehicle etc). My biggest problem are the miscellaneous parts; I am not sure what all of them are for so not sure how to group them. For now I am mixing them all together. At a later date I may try to be a bit smarter about where they go.

I did have some slight damage to the cover of the box but everything else is fine. Weird because the shipping box it came in looked fine. I am thinking that the shrink wrap was just a bit too tight on the one corner.


Looking forward to getting a phone call from home asking what the heck just arrived at the front door.


Tell them to lift with their legs, not with the back.


I’m surprised to see the game selling for less than the $100 KS tier. Sure, the $100 KS backers got some .pdf books and their name on the box, but still, that’s a pretty big discount. (With $15 shipping for me it’d be $80).

I’ve never played Ogre–but this thread and some youtube vids have made me very curious.


It’s old-school. It’s basically post-nuclear [I]PanzerBlitz[/I], except for the very well-tuned gimmick/mechanic of one-vs.-many. I’m not sure how much you’re in to wargaming, but if 70s-style movements points and rolling against CRTs doesn’t sound like fun, you may want to pass.


Fedex has the total box weight as 27 pounds. I’m not sure if this includes any extras or not.

— Alan


My son and I played our first game. we used the iOS app; I think it makes it easier since one does not have to use the CRT. We also used the app to roll the dice for tread attacks. The app is pretty handy though I wish one could keep track of OGRE weapons etc.

I think the OGRE game is fun not sure if GEV would be everyone’s cup of tea.

I knew a gaming group that used to use STARFIRE and OGRE/GEV to run a long term campaign (kind of like a paper 4x game before 4x was a word). Starfire for space battles and then Ogre for taking over another player’s planet.


Going to an Ogre Assembly party tonight.


I have two empty spots for an Ogre V - I am not sure if that means I am missing a sheet or if those two spots were for someone who spent more on some extra sheets?


Sigh, ok there go my $145. I passed on the kickstater cause shipping plus game to my country was $210, which was way too much.

This is more reasonable…

At least they released it at the beginning of the month :)


HAs anyone seen the extra ‘sponsor’ sheets ‘in the flesh’ (or cardboard)? Has anyone purchased them and had them delivered? Were some on sale at the met up?


Man. This thread, plus a reduced price ($65 + whatever shipping is) made me feel like I should pick this up. I had to remind myself that I’d never, ever get to play it, and that it’s not really that interesting a game to me today anyway. Yeah, I played a lot of OGRE and GEV when I was 15-17, OGRE was in fact my first wargame. It’s just that it’s not a terribly deep game, I’ve played it out like I played out the computer games of the 90’s, and revisiting it would be a similar experience, more about nostalgia than real enjoyment of the game itself.


This should be viewed as a collector’s game I believe. It will be interesting to see the price in 10 years.


I look at it as introducing my kids or nieces & nephews, to this type of game. My son enjoyed it so I did too.


Still waiting for the PC version.



$300,000 - [I][B]GOAL ACHIEVED![/B][/I] We are now committed to releasing an [I][B]Ogre[/B][/I] computer game, for some platform or platforms, by the end of 2014. It might very well be a lot sooner. This is totally separate from the record sheet app, which will be free and come out before the boardgame ships. This is [I]not[/I] an addition to any current reward levels - this is just something that your support and feedback has convinced us to do.


My mistake, I didn’t know you were waiting for the Ogre computer game for some platform or platforms.


No prob. I had the above for the C-64. While the game was enjoyable back in the day, I’m really looking forward to a remake for modern systems. I always felt like the old version was overly simplistic and kinda kludgey. Although the badge with the radiation dots was way cool.


I felt exactly the opposite, and I had the C-64 version. I mean, it was GUI-based in a time when GEOS was about the only thing that was GUI on the 64. And the OGRE AI was pretty damn good. The only thing I didn’t like was a)the computer would only play the OGRE, and b)I swore the RNG cheated. I could never beat even a MkIII using the standard configuration.