Tom Clancy's The Division


More info on Last Stand. It’s an 8v8 control point instanced PvP mode. Meh.


If I owned a season pass I’d be a little annoyed at that. Not really what comes to mind when I think of DLC. As it is, I’m pretty happy I bought Survival à la carte.


I’m getting my money’s worth from Underground and Survival but doubt I’ll touch Last Stand. PVP in this game is bad. The initial teaser had me hoping for a horde or base defense type of mode.


I agree, but their description of Last Stand sounds relatively promising. In addition to the new mechanics, the skill based matchmaking will help me to avoid cheaters and no-lifers.


Also disappointed in the Last Stand, both because it’s not something I’m interested in and because it doesn’t follow up on what I saw as the strength of Survival mode.

I was hoping for some survival-esque group instance where you have a limited time to gear up for some horde mode action. Find each other in the map, clear some landmarks to gather up gear, prep your defense. Instead it’s some control point thing that’s certainly better executed in other games.

The more indoor/rooftop/etc. additions to the DZ sound fun, but it’s in the DZ, so…


Smart move. Patch 1.6 will be adding microtransactions.


Wow, you quoted him from a year ago. On the bright side, the game has been out for a long time now.


Giving credit where it’s due (while also sharing my annoyance at broken promises) ;)


I’ll give them credit too. I expected Ubisoft to add microtransactions a lot sooner than this, so I guess they earned a half-star from me.

Edit: Also, since it’s cosmetics only (at least for now) I guess Ubi can take the full star.

I’m kind of surprised they didn’t implement it as real-world money to buy in-game credits to purchase RNG loot boxes.


I always wonder how developers feel about working on cosmetic DLC. It likely takes a lot of work on the part of artists. It’s got to be good enough, different enough from the base art that people will actually want it.

On the other hand, maybe the art team is mostly lying fallow in this part of game development, so maybe it flows nicely in terms of workflow at the studio, with the programming and design teams busy on making game balance changes while the art team works on cosmetic DLC.


Here are some details about the upcoming 1.6 patch:

Basically it’s:
1 Lots and lots and lots of PvP Dark Zone stuff.
2 Nerfs across the board for the Armor stat and related gear bonuses.
3 Minor changes to Survival matchmaking.
4 A new difficulty level intended for group missons.
5 Real Money Store
6 Misc. stuff


So I started playing in November, and am currently level 22. I’ve gone solo 90% of the time, and finally went into the Dark Zone last week, and was dead within 2 minutes. Is it possible to solo it, or am I stuck hooking up with random strangers?


It’s possible to solo, but I wouldn’t waste your time. The Dark Zone sucks. It’s especially bad sub-30 because things are divided by level brackets, and going up against a higher level player is generally a death sentence.


Yeah, Dark Zone sucks. Just skip it.


Just to add my voice - Dark Zone is worthless. Save yourself some angst and tears.


Too bad this latest patch has them putting so much effort into Dark Zone. But with it also bringing a real money cosmetic store, I can see why they’re focusing so much on multi-player content (with all the DZ stuff, and the new expansion, and the new mission difficulty level soley aimed at co-op runs).

The current outfits more or less amount to stacks and stacks of denim of various muted colors. Hard to show off bling to your friends and opponents when for all intents and purpose everybody more or less looks the same in passing (unless you actually sit still to look for the differences). So, this new bling and the huge focus on multiplayer content go hand in hand.

It’s just such a fucking shame how dreadful dz pvp has been up to this point. And it doesn’t look like that in itself will change.


Well I decided to give it a shot, turned on matchmaking and after almost an hour one guy finally joined up with me. Not great, can other people steal drops because some guy were weren’t with ran through white we were still fighting and the green and purple stuff that had been dropped was gone. Either he or the guy I was with took it all. Not much fun, I left right after that. Should have listened to all of you.


Anyone had fun with survival pvp? Everytime I start the pvp matchfinder I click cancel and go back to pve.


Not sure if you were in the DZ, but if you were people can definitely steal your loot until it’s been fully extracted. DZ is a really cool idea that just devolved into a ganker/troller paradise. It’s too bad, since as an extra challenging PvE area it might have been cool. Instead it’s a wasteland of wasted art assets.


They’d fix DZ a lot by just allowing you to kill ANYONE at ANY TIME if they ganked you first, without getting you flagged for it.