Tom Clancy's The Division


I have a lot of fun during a weekly Survival PvE session with my gaming buddies. We have not tried PvP yet. Has anyone else tried PvP Survival or played it regularly?


Tried PvP survival and was promptly ganked by a hit squad of clan m8’s with the edgy prefixes to prove it. It’s fine- that’s just a different way to play, but I wouldn’t return to PvP unless they had solo queues. So - same as dark zone I guess.

I’ve also had the chance to do several 4 man underground missions, but they didn’t do much for me. I suspect I’ll continue to come back for the occasional survival PvE run.


I’ve heard you can queue for solo PVP survival, but being allergic to this game’s PVP couldn’t say for sure.


Patch 1.6, which is coming Tuesday, will have solo queues for Survival PvP.


Remember when Ubisoft announced a couple of years ago that they were working on an Avatar game with James Cameron?


FINALLY, another game using Snowdrop engine?! :)
Shame it’s Avatar.


Year Two announced.

2 free expansions planned. No campaign stuff.

The first unnamed expansion will be based on an event system that drives players to activities that feature modifiers, leaderboards, and unique vanity items that will only be available through these activities. In addition, Gerighty says the team has plans to include a loadout feature that will let players switch efficiently and quickly between their favorite gear combinations, as well as a system to mark a player’s feats. “[It] will reward players for different activities – long-term activities, short-term activities, and medium-term activities within the game,” Gerighty adds. “Basically, our Division achievements, if you will.”[/quote]

The second expansion is still far enough away that the team doesn’t want to comment on it, and while Gerighty stresses that it will be “more content-focused”, new story missions won’t necessarily be a part of the package. “Story missions are tricky, but that doesn’t mean we won’t have narrative content,” he says. “We can’t really deliver story missions that will fit into the RPG aspects of the game in a simple way. So we’re not going to be doing the classic main mission type of thing, but narrative content is something that we are definitely looking at.”[/quote]


Testing the game since patch, missed out on the 1 year anniversary celebration… wish they gave everyone a reward and not just who logged in during the 1 week period. Oh well.

Trying streaming on Twitch for the daily dungeons…


Guess it autoplays even when you put it into a little Expandable?


Is this worth $25? How does it hold up as an action RPG? Do you have to play with other people to get the full experience or does it have a robust non-MMO piece? I don’t like playing with other people.


It’s worth it for the PvE. The moment-to-moment gameplay is great, top-notch for a cover shooter. The graphics and gameworld are beautiful. The storyline is consistently well written and voiced. Just leveling up is a whole lot of fun. It’s also completely soloable, other than a very few endgame raid encounters (‘Incursions’).

You don’t have to solo, though. The groupfinder works very well, once you get to max level. That allows you to re-run missions in a higher difficulty setting, for better loot. Note, it’s also possible to do this solo, too.

The PvP is plagued by balance issues, and the PvP community is exactly as toxic as you expect in an online shooter. I don’t spend much time there.


Would it be easy to play with my daughter? Just her and I, no one else?


Yes. You can join a squad and run the open world together without seeing any other players, outside of the safe rooms (quest hubs) or Dark Zone (awful PvP area).


If you have two PCs, then yes. You can play just the two of you, or do matchmaking to get a full squad. There’s no split screen option though.


Can you tell me more about these Safe Rooms? How much time do we have to spend in these and how much interaction can strangers have with us?


Just enough time to grab quests, restock on ammo, check vendors and head back out. The most they can do is emote at you, chat at you, and invite you to squad (I only had this happen once) and you can hide the in-game chat. It’s very easy to ignore other players and play solo/duo through the PvE part of the game.


So this is free this weekend. I enjoyed the last time it was free for the weekend, so I’ll try to jump back in to explore NYC.


Normally I would only recommend this game with a bunch of reservations, but if you have a dedicated partner to play with it’s a much easier sell.

The mp community is as you would expect (which others have noted), however I can’t recommend the survival mode enough. If you choose the pve version other npc’s can’t hurt you, but their presence greatly accentuates the feeling of hanging on by the skin of your teeth.


The Survival DLC was great, I found it was worth the price of admission for that one game type alone.


Yeah, I don’t recommend the season pass, but the Survival DLC was good.


I played through the Brooklyn part this morning. That was really well done. It really gets you into the game much more than the part from the demo.