Tom Clancy's The Division


My understanding is that you want to farm up classified sets during the Global Events. Classifieds have higher stat caps, can reroll two stats at the reconfiguration station instead of one, and have extremely strong 5 and 6 piece set bonuses on top of the original set’s 4 piece bonus. Predator, Striker, and Nomad seem like the go-to sets for solo play but any 6 piece will be a huge boost.


Speaking of which, new global event Strike starts today, so get back in there agents! Looks like the modifier this time causes enemies to explode. Should be interesting.


Does one need to be level 30 to see any affects from these Global events?


Wow, I do not know the answer to that question. I would assume it’s open to anyone regardless of level but then again, I haven’t tried it with any under-30 characters myself.


I just haven’t seen the affects that are described in the global events. I possibly missed a toggle somewhere in the UI but I also don’t seem to be able to set my World Tier setting either (which I am assuming is available after 30).

Edit: Some quick Googling seems to suggest that Global Events are not available for sub-30 characters. Though I haven’t found an official source just a lot of descriptions on forums.


Now that one I remember, I did not get the option to hop into a higher level world tier until I hit 30, so maybe it is tied to that.


Yes, you need to be 30 for all of the global stuff, including events, and also special merchants, high value target missions, etc.


Thanks for the confirmation.

I suppose I need to get my ass out of the DZ and just wrap up the main PVE missions to get to the endgame content. I feel like I’m missing out on a ton of fun global events.


Hey, I finally beat an incursion over the GE weekend! Hadn’t planned on it, but I got an invite to join a game with a fellow I’ve done some pick-up mission runs with. It was pretty tough, and what’s funniest about it is that it was me and three other guys and they didn’t speak English. One of them, the guy I’ve played with before, is Spanish, I think, or at least Spanish speaking. So we made it through just shooting and winging the teamwork. It was fun!


Last week I finally hit level 30. It felt like a slog getting there, because I was just kind of rushing missions to reach the cap but once I did the game seemed to open up a lot and become much more interesting. It’s nice being able to set the World Tier difficulty level and play around with the Global Event modifiers. Both of those seemed to breathe more life into older missions along with the across-the-board more interesting loot drops.

I had some fun with the Search and Destroy missions and I am really looking forward to trying Survival and Resistance along with more time in the Dark Zone, which has been my favorite area so far.

Is the PVP Skirmish mode any good here? Does that mode account for level/GearScore differences between players?


So the month long global events are over, but according to this guy, all this week and into the weekend they will be offering replays of all the global events for a couple days each, to give everyone a shot at finishing up any classified gear sets they may need. Now, I’m not saying he’s wrong or anything but I can’t find any corroborating info about this online so I guess we’ll just see?



Ah, of course, Twitter. I forget that’s a thing.


So over the last few days of global event re-do, I wanted to try to complete a couple of classified gear sets I had been working on. My goal was to hopefully complete my striker and nomad sets, but of course things never go exactly according to plan. In the process however, I seem to have completed a set of classified predator’s mark gear, so I took it out for a test and and wow, it’s really kind of beastly, if you’ll pardon the pun. I’ve read comments on other sites and watched a couple of YouTube videos and most people point out that the big offensive capabilities are off set by making you comparably squishier, but I’m finding that I get taken down less frequently than usual now, at least in the limited testing I’ve done. Taking out enemies faster naturally enough keeps them from shooting you down. I think I like this set.


I envy you being able to spend time in the game, which I was not fortunate to have. Even though I’ve clocked like one hundred hours into this game, I don’t even have a full classified sets. The Global Event came at the wrong month for me, grrr …

As for being taken down less frequently - perhaps you also have higher Health? Or you have mods that added more stamina for you? My friend taught me to calculate the amount of health I have vs how much my healing does, as that will tell me whether I could survive a hit and recover from it or not.


I’ve more or less abandoned any other games over the last month. Working on classifieds has kind of become my second job, I go to work once my wife and kids go to bed. But I’m not really all that efficient, I still only have a reclaimer and now predator’s mark classified set. I’m pretty close with a few others, I’m only one away from sentry’s call, only need a couple on tactician, striker and nomad. But then now that the global events are done, that’s probably how it’s going to stay. Til next time.

Anyway, you probably have a point about health, I definitely have higher stamina with this set. I haven’t spent enough time with it to say for sure, but I made a run on the Queen’s tunnel (I think it’s called) on challenging with a few randoms a little earlier, and I can definitely tell I’m doing much more damage. One thing I never picked up before is that as you do more damage to the enemy, this also seems to inspire a kind of “panic” in the opponents, they seem to attempt to disengage more quickly, almost as if they had a sense of self-preservation. It’s kind of funny. But I’ve also started working on underground too, so I’m still digging into all the stuff the game has to offer.


Ran a lot of GE events today… well… a whole lot. Then I found a nice speedrun group doing one of the quick instances on CHallenging… and ran into another problem. Because we ran the dungeon so quickly I also ran out of inventory. And I guess if you do not pick up your loot, it gets … looted I suppose, or lost.

Game needs a Inventory 1.8 revamp so its easier to get rid of crap. Like “If its below 275 and not RED or Classified, autoDelete it…”


Agree with that. I don’t even pick up purple or lesser items anymore.


Noticed there was a GE Leaderboard, only made it to rank 1500 with todays playing. Did the last hour speedrunning and got a lot of credits, but from the scoreboard I didn’t get shit compared to the #1 spot that managed to farm over 30k credits in an hour… how is that even possible I wonder.

Each run I did made us 750 credits and it probably took about 7-8 minutes (with 1.5 of them being elevator and waiting for doors to open). I suppose if you rush one of the incursions on legendary you could get 1500 per run, but that is nowhere close to 39.000 an hour.

Another funny thing ran into some playerkillers in the DZ, there were 2 of them and they had 7-10 people chasing them in the DZ8 zone. And we still didn’t manage to kill either. My headshots did 50k on him, whereas they two-shot me. Gear+spec makes so big of an impact in the DZ its just silly. No idea if they fixed all the hacks that were possible in the past either, but still pretty annoying when you cant even inspect the other player to see what they were packing.


I’m digging back a bit for a prior post you made, since I’ve been experimenting with different guns and trying to figure out what works best for me. First off, I don’t operate well in short range, especially with the enemies getting as mobile as they do when you close in, so that pretty much eliminates SMG and shotguns for me. Even though I got a House and I like it ok, the damage drop off at distance kind of chips away at its usefulness to me.

I’m finding LMGs to be a bit more trouble than they’re worth - they carry a lot of ammo and I usually need it, because they jump all over the place when shooting. You’ve got to keep them down to short bursts and then it’s kind of beside the point. Especially when compared with assault rifles - and that’s where I started and back where I settled. Assault rifles are just good all-around weapons in most games, and Division is no exception. I’ve mostly used a G36 C I picked up a while back that I’ve upgraded a bit, but I did read up on what others suggest and ended up also trying the Lightweight M4 and LVOA-C. I dropped the latter pretty quickly, I find its recoil makes it hard to use, but the M4 has been just great. You mention above that it has heavy recoil but I don’t find that to be so, not in comparison with other rifles. It’s got the least of those I’ve used, though I do mod with some stability assist. I’m finding it a great damage producer, and RPM is very high. I imagine I’ll stick with it but hang onto my G36.

I’m also experimenting with marksman rifles, and I have two favorites - the M1A and the M700. They’re both great for sniping, and kind of offset each other - M1A has less damage per bullet but is semiauto, while the M700 has highly damaging single shots but not automatic. I tried the SVD since most people seem to like it, but since it has half the max range of the other two I mentioned, it’s just not effective for sniping, which is mainly what I use a marksman for.

Anyone else got any guns you swear by? I didn’t get into sidearms because they’re pretty much an afterthought for me, though I tend to carry a pistol and a sawed off shotgun because they look cool, I swap back and forth.