Total War: Warhammer 2


I keep forgetting about the Greenskins! I have played them once for like 30 seconds when the game first launched. Maybe that’s what I should be doing tonight. You say Wurrzag is your go to? Interesting. I do love Black Orcs!


Black Orcs are more Grimgor’s thing. The Prophet is about the Savage variety.


Savage orcs have no armour, which makes a little squishy in the late game. But they pack a punch, I found them really fun before I knew how to play Total War: Warhammer.


Nah, it was just amusing :P.

As I said their explanation was convoluted and prone to confuse a lot of people.


Another option is to play Queek Headtaker, as he is very different in Mortal Empire than in the Eye of the Vortex. He’s part of the race for Karak Eight Peaks.


Have you seen Turin’s recent Wurrzag campaign start for Mighty Empires? The things he does with those Savage Orcs…they charge in and the front line absolutely crumbles.


Ahahaha, that hadn’t occurred to me. That whole map area is going to play waaaaaaay differently if the goblin and dwarf minors in that strip of mountain that split Bretonnia/Elves/Estalia/Tilea/Border Princes from Empire/Vampires can actually start blobbing. Huge tactical advantage for those starting positions, assuming those races find the Empire or Brettonian provinces yellow. I’m deliberately not going to play Empire on my first try because I bet Skarsnik will end up with Altdorf pretty fast.


Been mucking about as the Dawi. We win every battle but boy are there a lot of Orcs down there. I pushed down to the gates of Black Crag only to have Orcs come down from the mountains and torch the silver road, followed by a different group of Orcs smushing Valaya’s Sorrow. I’m about to confront and hopefully crush Grimgor yet again, but at a cost-my Dwarven allies to the west are being defeated and I have no second army to send them. We are winning every battle, but I am unsure of the war…


Man, I didn’t realize where my real threat was lurking playing Tyrion in Mortal Empires. I lost my first lord (30 Influence down the drain) just a little ways into the campaign, because I figured he’d get wounded at worst. Nope, he was killed.

I just lost my main army in a truly epic battle leaving me with one surviving spear unit. Tyrion and my starting Noble are wounded. I’m a little irked because I didn’t think that garrison should have been able to reinforce from where they were. However, maybe the AI was just clever enough to initiate the attack with his weaker army and they were close enough to the garrison to be reinforced by them.

The other army was also crippled, but it’ll be exciting to see who can recover faster and get the upperhand. We look to be pretty even settlement wise.


I mean it runs like a buttered elephant up a landslide, but its amazing the scope when you finally DO load Mortal Empires.

Nice to see they integrated some of the TW2 UI changes into the TW1 lords and quests. I think there is a bug with artillery though, they are hitting way too hard right now, at least for B. Gelt and the mighty Empire. Those sweet 2 minute turns though, even on fast forward. I think I need a new machine…


So I wanted to read some lore and googling suggested i start with the Felix and Gortek stories. They are about a human and a trollslayer who wander around, grey-mouser style. That’s fine but that’s not what I want.

I wanna learn about Malekith and his mummy issues. I particularly want to learn about how the lizardmen looked up and found mountains where their blueprints said should be flat so they decided to move the entire range and then all the stunties died because when you move mountains when people live inside, bad things happen.

Which series do I track down?


How badly does it run?


I’d love to know about some decent warhammer books as well - preferably Kindle, but Its been difficult to track down.


I found maybe it’s Time of Legends series. Malekith, Shadow King (undead?), Caledor (human?). No E-book thought urghh i may have to bite the bullet and use amazon to … buy. a physical book. what is this, 1998?


Shadow King is about Alith Anar, Malekith’s bête noire. Caledor is the Wizard who created the vortex whose control is at the heart of this game. That is, if my memory is right :)

edit- the above two are both High Elves

I don’t think there is a book about the Lizards wrecking the Dwarf empire, though.


Because that would be blasphemy. Dwarves > *


For me it runs better than warhammer 1, so not sure what he means.

Both W1 and W2 run a lot better than Attila, which is easily the worst running TW game I own. Pretty clear CA made exactly zero effort in optimizing that one, I hope we get lucky and the historical expansion they’re talking about releasing comes out for this title and not only optimizes but potentially carries over a few of the recent game mechanic ideas from the W’s. We’ll see…


Heads up y’all: evidently the latest patch made an oopsie with the Chaos invasion, and you get hit with more or less endless top tier Chaos hordes in huge numbers that ignore all players except you.

It’ll probably be patched soonish, since scuttlebutt has it that they just accidentally left the Vortex chaos invasion rules in and those had a kind of abysmal alchemy with the Mighty Empires campaign that made everything worse.

So just bear in mind that your current campaign may end up looking rather more like the canonical Warhammer World End Times than you may have liked.


Now this my kind of bug!


That’s an invasion ! So far it’s always been a fart