Total War: Warhammer 2


The mini-campaigns are okay, but I’d much rather they focused on the actual campaign and just added more stuff to it, like additional legendary lords and lord quests by far. To me it’s like scenarios in a Civ game - a neat idea, but when I sit down to play Civ I’m 99% likely to launch the actual sandbox game, not some little scenario.


So say we all.


Looks like Norsca are indeed the race in question.

Norsca Q&A at Total War

This is a nice touch:


So, anyone seen any deals on this? I know I’m going to buy it, just want to see if I can lower the price a bit.

#85 for < $36

They are grey market where they take advantage of region pricing I think, but haven’t been involved in credit card scams and that type of practice.


Mammoths, Fimir and Werewolves. Oh my.



That’s a nice deal, btw, just saw there is going to be a preorder bonus, only they gave it the amusing name of early adopter, looks like they are offering Norsca if you order early, just wondering, when you pick up a key 3rd party the preorder offer is still valid right?


I’ve used cdkeys a handful of times. I remember getting a preorder bonus from them for soemthing, but I don’t know if that is always true. You could probably get a definitive answer by emailing their support.


In this case, it seems that as long as you redeem the game on Steam within the launch week you should be good.


Since there’s plenty of time I’ve pinged them to confirm the preorder bonus is included, we’ll see if I get a response…

For a 20 buck savings I’ll likely take the risk, but just thought it’d be fun to see if they’re even responsive on pending order questions.


If it’s like last time, it is not just a preorder bonus, so the early adopter name is in fact more accurate. You were eligible if you pre-ordered it or if you purchased it the first week after release. This means people can look over reviews and get a feel for the buzz in gaming communities on the game before deciding to buy it and still be eligible for the bonus.


Ah, gotcha, so there is an actual method to the madness in terms of the nomenclature used, should of known that was the case, thanks for the clarification.


I am extremely skeptical about pre-order bonuses in general, but early adopter bonuses don’t bother me. That I can at least read some reviews makes a big difference in my mind.

Anyways, Norsca just like most people figured, cool. Mammoths, Werewolves, Frost Wyrms, Fimirs?!? Weren’t those in like… Hero Quest?


Well, I want to play the mice people, so I’ll probably be getting this plus the first one on release.

Can anyone comment on the strategic layer of the first Total War: Warhammer? I like strategic layers, but the last one of these games I played was Medieval 2, I think, and I found the strategic stuff really lacking. Is it any more involved at this point?


Fimirs were in Hero Quest. They also used to be in table top from what I gather, but no one liked them cause they kind of sucked.

They were in early editions of the RPG as well.


I’ve never heard of these dudes, but I’m only a casual follower of Warhammer.


I think they’re usually lumped in the category Warriors of Chaos.



Heard back from CDKeys, here’s what they had to say:

“This offer is for the base game only, and doesn’t come with bonus/extra content unless mentioned on our site. Also, we’re unable to guarantee early/beta access. If there are any updates, we’ll announce on our Facebook page.”

So, while I find it sort of surprising CA would have keys being sold that don’t include Norsca pre-launch, I have to sort of take this guy’s answer at face value and assume that’s the case since the website doesn’t mention it.


Hmm, that’s interesting. My guess is that it will work as @Telefrog said, but the cdkeys people don’t know how CA is handling it. I guess it is a bit of a gamble though.


Yeah, I bet you’re right too, but it does add a bit of doubt.