Total War: Warhammer 2


Based on Reddit, unless the retailer is a “Sega approved retailer”, you won’t get the Norsca stuff for free. So, I guess you could contact Sega if you want a definitive answer.


Yeah, I think at this point I’ve got my answer. If I buy it from anywhere other than on steam I need to see the DLC specifically listed as a part of the deal if I want it.


The strategic layer is definitely there, insomuch as you can make decisions that impact the difficulty level you’ll be able to beat. Without knowing some games with strategic layers you find satisfying, I’m not sure how to advise you. Don’t come into it expecting EUIV. As a general statement, I don’t think most people would find the game particularly satisfying if all they did was play the strategic layer and auto-resolve all combat. I personally view the strategic layer as providing context for the battles themselves, and enjoy it from that perspective.

That being said, I’m also 100% sure that some people exist who auto-resolve every battle and still think it’s a fantastic game. I don’t fall in that category. However, I do think it’s a great game, just maybe not a great game if you take out the battles.


So, Bundle Stars are listed by Sega as an official site for selling this, which means bonus comes with the order.

Trouble is, I tried twice today to order using a credit card and it wouldn’t go through?! This is using a card I’ve had for going on 20 years that has never been declined. Makes me wonder about Bundle Stars.


Might be an issue where their billing center is located overseas. When I use my card to get plane tickets for international flights, I have to call my bank every single time.


People REALLY wonder what the Hound bonus is that they didn’t let us see since telling us you can get a freaking Changer of the Ways isn’t hidden.


@Knightsaber is informing me folks on a stream he is watching got to play as Skaven and are allowed to talk about it, which is a strange way for CA to reveal that but who knows.

He provided me with the link, all credit to him on this one. I assume we’ll get more info as the day rolls along.

EDIT - Listening to him, I really don’t think he was supposed to talk about that… oops. :)


I can’t believe he just leaked to the entire world that Skaven will be in Total War: Warhammer 2.


Look, I sense a little sarcasm here, so let me explain - CA is being really strange about this for whatever reason, they refuse to just reveal what is really the worst kept secret in the land, but here we are, not getting any official word. Then this guy just blurts it out.

Also, I see the video was taken down. Oops, like I said.

EDIT - Also I see the thread talking about this on the CA forums is gone now, too. Many, they are being really cagey about this reveal.


Well, since the video was taken down, I suppose Skaven might not be in Total War: Warhammer 2 then.


I don’t really have any reason to believe one has to do with the other. It’s more likely he wasn’t supposed to talk about playing with the Skaven, and then he did, and so they asked him to take down the video. CA is probably waiting until some other pieces fall into place before announcing that 4th race, which might not even be Skaven if they aren’t playable. Maybe the Skaven will be a Chaos-type event, instead of being something you can play as?


What I don’t understand is Warhammer “3”. Supposedly this is supposed to be a trilogy of expandalones based on the same engine, but where does the content come from for a third game? If they provide the Slaan, the Elves, and the Rats for 2, they really have to scrape the barrel for content to flesh out the third one. And tone of hype surrounding this one in the wider community, and my instinct that players are getting burned out, makes me really wonder if they can sustain this for another 2 years.


Oh and the rats have to be DLC or sequel, there’s just no way with their popularity and Game’s Workshop’s propensity to nickel and dime that they’re going to give players all the races to play at release.


Chaos Dwarves, Tomb Kings and Ogres are three factions we haven’t seen that are somewhat popular.


Leak from some Turkish source.

We’ve got Doomwheels and Queek Headtaker it seems.


That reminds me, I better pre-order this pretty soon so @ShivaX and I can play some co-op with the Norsca and the additional RoR in the mix before the sequel game comes out.


So is everyone getting this from bundlestars where its 18% off and comes with the pre-order race, or is there a better deal?



Not me. I got it right from Steam for $59.99.


No Scott! Never pay full price! D:


I honestly didn’t know about Bundlestars deal until about 30 seconds ago. :)