Total War: Warhammer 2


Next time I play I’ll load up in 4k, change to 1080p to test. (I “only” have a 1070).


Worth a try. I will say in the video I recorded I’m on Ultra pre-set @1440p, for reference.


Yes it will. I have no noticeable load times, but then again I made this PC myself.


The addition of the Vampire Coast into the game is definitely noticeable. In my High Elf campaign (on the Vortex map), the biggest threat for the first 40-50 turns was definitely the two pirate factions (Dread Fleet and Sartosa) who basically just stomped all over the High Elf factions on the East and West coasts of Ulthuan. They usually only have 1 stack of units, but it contains such high level units that it takes a lot of time before the AI (or the player) can match them. I was only able to clear them out once I got two full stacks to throw at them, and even then the battles were dicey affairs.

It’s not terrible like the all-conquering Wood Elfs in TWH1, but it does feel like they could do with a little bit of a nerf.


If the HUMANS would just fight off crooked grin and the vampires a bit I could get a breather. Durn humans.

But yes strat in Vortex the pirates do complicate things. If you play a high elf faction and like to have that one lord cobbling up treasure skulls? well be careful is all I am gonna say.


Who is the designer over there at Creative Assembly that thinks the dozens of Heroes running around doing annoying shit every single turn is fun, engaging, or in any way interesting on a strategic level? My god. Between that and the turn times, every time I try Mortal Empires I just quit out due to a combination of boredom and irritation 40ish turns in or so.


It used to be A LOT worse.

You can speed them up or even skip the animations with the >> button under the turn resolution.


Pretty much have to put every faction to fastest animation in upper right menu at start of game. At least the menu exists now.


Yeah, I turned all the animation speeds up. I still don’t think the Hero idea is fun at all, do you guys here disagree? Just having a dozen empires spam Hero units that run around sabotaging shit left and right with no recourse to stop them other than your own Hero spam is just annoying and tedious to me.

And there doesn’t feel like there’s a lot of depth to it, I just rank up Assassinate or whatever skill I’m looking for and hope I get the dice roll. What happened last night is I lost two of my three heroes to critical failures on bad dice rolls (70%+ chance of success each, the third one just failed but not critically). That allowed all the Heroes in my province to sabotage garrisons, spread corruption, slow my army down… all the while a Beastman army came out of nowhere and hit what would have otherwise been a secure city.

It’s not so much that it’s hard or that the AI is playing exceptionally well or anything, I just find them to be an incredible annoyance to deal with constantly and uninteresting to boot. Then I grind my teeth as I wait for yet another long turn time after moving my army 3 inches due to the hero blocking me. :)

I know Vortex helps with the turn times, but I really like some of the stuff that Warhammer 2 brought and I really want to play Empire, so…


The only saving grace is borderless fullscreen is pretty flawless, so I alt-tab during turns and read comics or something.


That used to be what I would do, but I’m having some issues with the my new ultrawide monitor. Sometimes when I tab back into the game, the mouse detection in-game is completely off. It’s like when I tab back in it forgets it’s at 21:9 and not 16:9 and misinterprets where the mouse is (e.g. I have to move my mouse cursor a long ways to the right in order to click a button, if that makes sense).


In native? I’m ok running my curvy monitor at native in WH2 (Nvidia, and i assume it’s ultrawide). It breaks Civ6 edge scrolling thought.


What processor/mobo/RAM do you have?

Also, I’ve hated Total War heroes since Rome2. Warhammer is no exception.


It’s an i7-6700k and 32GB of RAM with the game installed on a m.2 SSD. Mortal Empires just has a ridiculous amount of empires to cycle through every turn. :)


I was hoping you were gonna say something like a Cyrix chip with 1 Meg of RAM so I could be assured I wouldn’t run into those long turn times too LOL.


It’s not that bad, it’s just annoying to me when I’m already in a frustrated state with the game. Vortex is much better when it comes to that, but like I said I just wanted to play Empire. If I were having more fun with the game, the turn times probably wouldn’t bother me that much.


I think end turns get better at the end as you eliminate neighbors.


or get a mod that limits the # of heroes.


Personally I love the heroes. It makes the game halfway between a strategy game and an RPG. The only thing that I find tough about heroes is trying to decide whether to level them up to act as agents on the map or as fighters in your army.

It’s even better with a race that allows you to craft equipment like the Tomb Kings or the revised Dwarfs.


I am mixed on the heroes. They really did better with them overall in usefulness in War 2 but “block army” makes me want to scream. I would just as soon wish they would let us have more than one lord/leader in a stack. Though that could get pretty crazy ….