Total War: Warhammer 2


Hmm Steamspy must not be accurate anymore. Steamspy showed War selling less than Empire or Rome 2, but SEGA financials have said 20M (units) of Warhammer have been sold. This has to be with DLC though. No way that’s base game. 23k concurrent players, with 4K and 8k players for Attila and Rome 2 still, so it does look like the base has moved on to Warhammer at this point.


I think the numbers are probably accurate, but Empìre and Shogun are older and have been offered dirt cheap. Warhammer is 600k units over Attila and 900k under Rome II, but Rome II had a free weekend, so that’s not reliable.Plus it’s been offered at $15.

I think just with Steamspy numbers, and assuming DLCs are more popular for WH in general, that it might indeed be their faster earner.

The 20M copies is bs, though. Sega´s numbers are 1.5M units. Which tracks really well with Steamspy’s numbers.


I read that article as saying that Total War: Warhammer moved 500k units in the first 3 days of sale, and Persona 5 has shipped 1.5m (1500k) units after its global launch.


And you would be correct!

My bad. The former and latter grammatical structure sometimes trips me off.

But still, 20M units is impossible. 20M might be the number of cumulative Total War franchise games sold (but I have found no source for that, and I suspect it’s quite lower indeed).

Steamspy at this level of sales is most likely accurate. About 1.6M sales seems right and it would be consistent with it being the fastest selling game to date.


It is. It’s the lifetime sales of the Total War franchise as of SEGA’s FY2017 financial results.

…the “Total War” series, which is highly popular mainly in Europe and were sold more than 20 million copies for 16


That makes sense. It feels a little higher than I suspected, but also probably some millions of those sales never translated into Steam keys.

I like the mainly in Europe part. It would be interesting to see a by-country breakdown of TW and Paradox sales.


I do agree with you that that was the worst of the in-game trailers. To dark and to much flashing about between different battles and enemies to see what the heck was going on. All I really got out of it is that the Doomwheel looked pretty cool.

Here’s the non-in-game Skaven Trailer. Not sure why it’s not on the official channel yet:

This is why i have some significant skepticism there is going to be a Warhammer 3. I actually think 2 will be the end of the line here, it already looks like they’re pulling resources from the game development, and instead of trying to milk the Skaven for all they’re worth, just tossing everything into the pot and finish the stew.

Agree with @Scott_Lufkin, I think they’ve made way too much money to stop at Warhammer 2. What I’ve heard was that Warhammer 3 is going to focus on different factions of chaos, e.g., Nurgle vs. Khorne, at least that’s what the rumors on the street were a year ago. I’ll have to say I don’t have any interest in playing Chaos, so I don’t know if I’d buy it. I’d be far more interested in seeing them complete the whole Warhammer world coming up with Cathay, Nippon, and the Kingdoms of Ind – not sure how popular that would be in general though, moneywise focusing on Chaos probably makes more sense, even though I don’t like them. I’m also sad that it doesn’t look like Albion is going to get much love, looks tiny on the map, not enough to turn it into a real faction, unless they want to redo the map for a DLC pack.


I still think we are missing the big campaign angle. There’s a lot of content they can throw on the big campaign after the third game. and yes, the third game is coming. They have a (not really but quite) guaranteed million of sales at least, just with the people wanting to complete the first and second games.

I agree with you on Chaos. Chaos Dwarves are fun, and Ogres passable, but several faction of Daemons of Chaos is very uninteresting.

However, adding those to the big campaign map? Yes please! I suspect by that point most buyers of WH3 will have at least WH1 on their Steam library.

Cathay, Nippon and Ind are harder to envision. Maybe (we have Norsca) but it might be a stretch. We are getting Araby (most likely), but that had an army in Warmaster.


I’m totally up for Chaos Dwarves!

Cathay, Nippon and Ind are harder to envision. Maybe (we have Norsca) but it might be a stretch. We are getting Araby (most likely), but that had an army in Warmaster.

Yeah, it would definitely be a lot of work, and I agree it’s unlikely to happen. I’m not sure where else they can go though to get another four factions for WH3. There are four different Chaos factions/manifestations – Nurgle, Khorne, Slaneesh, and Tzeentch, so that would be one easy way to go. Failing that, what’s left?

I’ve kind of been assuming that Chaos Dwarves and the Ogre Kingdoms are going to be a DLC on Warhammer 2 – aren’t they located somewhere near the Tomb Kings area on the new Warhammer 2 map?

I wouldn’t mind seeing a Kislev faction. I guess they could go Estalia and Tilea, but those seem more like things that would make sense as a DLC than the core of a third game.


Hellpit Abomination.

Yes, yes.


This is like the exact opposite of what is happening - it is because Warhammer is doing so well they are devoting more resources to it and doing more than they planned - eg Norsca was never in the original lineup of announced releases for TW1 but they added it.


How do you get between the two maps? I don’t see “Western Europe and Great Britain of warhammer” respresented in the warhammer 2’s map. So there must be some kind of bridge or something big I’m missing? A warp point?


64 bit so probably the entire map in one piece…Rome 2s map is much bigger anyway


That’s the WH2 campaign map. The combined campaign map will combine both game’s map, cut some southern and western territories of Who’s map to make it more manageable and probably play with proportions a little.


Lots of outlets are showing off some Skaven footage and/or some good old fashioned written words about them as well.

PCGamesN -
Eurogamer -


Mentions Black Arks for Dark Elves are in and they’re mobile naval cities that can be upgraded and bombard?

Haven’t got to Quill yet, still watching PE.


There was a stream I did not watch revealing it.


I hate pre-ordering, but this is basically irresistible to me.


Agreed. Is Bundle Stars still the best deal?


I trust them with my axe.