Total War: Warhammer 2


And my bow.


As long as no-one tosses a dwarf.


TB discusses Warhammer 2 while playing Skaven. Towards the end he talks about whether it feels more like an expansion or sequel, which I’ve been curious about myself.


Wonder what he’s running that on? I have some trouble getting W1 to run all that well, same is true of Attila. I mean CA has never optimized well, but either they’ve done a bit of that on W2 or he’s running a beefier system than me. I’ve got an older CPU, but it’s still running like 3.2 and the graphics card is a GTX970 which isn’t exactly a slouch and I have to turn stuff off or down quite a bit on W1 just to run it.


I believe they optimised alot from Attila to TWW.


I put off upgrading my CPU for several years but kept everything else pretty up to date. Eventually, I started getting terrible performance in certain games despite reasonable hardware. Turns out, upgrading the CPU and motherboard was the key. Not sure if it was actually due to the CPU or if it was the new mobo with modern chipset.


Yeah, I’m long in the tooth and I know it, this system is like 7 years old at this point, been kicking the can on replacing because I recently moved and have a lot of other expenses I needed to finish up first.

I’ve been getting away with it until recently, Attila and warhammer have proven the tipping point.

I was waiting to see next gen from Intel and AMD to see if anything earth shattering happened, from what I’ve been reading they’re still playing the more cores game which does nothing for single core game performance, so, think this year I’m going to have to finally replace.

Thanks for the response.


Campaign Map Walkthrough.

Sounds like tomorrow we’ll get a look at a Dark Elf campaign, as well.


That looks incredible. This is going to be so good.


The campaign map was very nice looking in Warhammer 1, this looks beautiful. Can it just be released already? Arggh.


Thanks for the thread bump, it reminded me the Dark Elf campaign walk through was coming this morning, so I checked… and it went up on YT 25 minutes ago! Nice.

Things of note:

I noticed during a “march” type stance the movement range radius indicator now seems to show a dotted line, indicating where you could move to and still come out of the demanding march stance (or so I assume).

The new camera options for when the AI is taking it’s turn are very welcome, indeed. It seems to allow you, by faction and action type, to skip animations entirely, like if you don’t want to watch a dozen enemy heroes shuffle around.

It also looks to me like each faction taking it’s turn shows the relative power level to your own troops now right below the faction name (previously you had to look this up in the diplomacy screen).

Guys, that new map looks just amazing. And the transition to it is so smooth. The incredibly handy overlays are still here, as well.



Okay, this I’ve seen this in multiple videos for Warhammer 1 and now 2, how does he issue move orders to multiple units and keep them both in relative formation and in the same alignment? It would be super useful to be able to do that, but I’ve never seen a way to do so in a Total War game.


There’s a button that locks them in formation. There’s a tutorial series on YouTube, it’s covered there. On mobile and don’t have the link on hand.


Hold ALT and drag the mouse.


I can’t believe how good the campaign map looks in this sequel.


My only big concern is that there’s a lot of water on that map, and the navel aspects have always been one of the series’ big weaknesses.


This is rather mind blowing.


I think you mean ice blowing.


You monster. :)

this excellent video shows off the UI changes/improvements from Warhammer to Warhammer 2 and it’s amazing.