Total War: Warhammer 3

I’m pretty sure having TWWH2 will be well worth it when/if you get the third one. For one, many of the factions on the Mortal Empires (mega-campaign) map will probably require ownership of the prior games. The business model has worked well so far, so doubt they’ll change it.

Edit: Per the FAQ, only owners of all three games get the mortal empires campaign. So yep - totally worth having.

Also - can’t wait. Assuming this doesn’t hit at an inopportune time (as was the case with TWH2), this will be the only game I’ve gotten on launch for the past many years.

I should’ve played TWII more. I guess there is still more time.

What’s an inopportune time?

For me, the Three Kingdoms made it hard to go back in a lot of ways. Turn times in particular, although I vaguely remember some of those performance improvements may have been backported?

Three Kingdoms to me was a superior game across the board except for one massive exception: facing off between the armies of Wu and Wei was never as cool or interesting to me as Wood Elves facing off against Greenskins or something like that. It left me in kind of a limbo where I found both games vaguely unsatisfying. :)

I’m all about fantasy. I still need to break into Planetfall properly. I’ve got some time though to finish a few games before this one is at it’s peak at least.

I hear you. Mechanically as a strategy game, I pretty much universally preferred Three Kingdoms. But I’m a total sucker for the fantasy.

Excited about TW3 because I’ve been wanting a best-of-both-worlds situation and I’ve been hoping maybe it will deliver!

I bet anyone 10 dollars that there will be a Nippon DLC. Like Pirates and Vikings, the idea of Samurai is just to popular to leave out the game, and because its not part of the Lore, they won’t need to include it in the base game.

@KevinC if you haven’t played Mortal Empires in awhile the turn times were greatly, greatly reduced at some point in the semi recent past.

There is some lore about Cathay, spread across the books and RPGs, but there are not armies listed or books.

That being said, WAP created a fan version of Cathay based on as much evidence and information that is available.
Warhammer Armies Project

I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some overlap.

I imagine they can also use some assets from 3 Kingdoms but minimally otherwise the natives will be outraged using existing rigging etc. heh

Since I can’t tell Warhammer 1 from Warhammer 2, I think I’ll let everyone else tell me how great 3 is. :)

Oh, I see.

Not a knock on the games, more of a frame of reference thing for me. Just kind of all runs together in my own tiny brain.

This is shaping up to be bigger than WH1 and WH2 combined. There are now like 5 armies confirmed for this expansion? - Kislev, Cathay, Chaos Dwarves, Ogre Kingdom and Daemons. I still bet Dogs of War will be coming too.

I remember when TW1 came out people complained about there only being 4 starting lords. Now we’re on track to have like 100.

e: Reading the blog Daemons will be 4 separate factions. So that’s like 8 factions confirmed.

Wait, what? Have Chaos Dwarves and Ogre Kingdoms been confirmed somewhere?

My impression, which could totally be wrong, is that information released so far suggests five factions at release: Kislev, Cathay, Khorne, Slaneesh, Nurgle, and Tzeentch.

Chaos Dwarves and Ogre Kingdoms do seem obvious as DLC, and I think @legowarrior is right, Samurai are way too popular for Creative Assembly to pass up on.

CA have always said each race with an army book will be included.

Ah, got it.

But you’re saying those eight including DLC right, not at release?

Included in the Base game, or in the Game?

Also, Chaos Dwarfs are a bit of a grey area, aren’t they? There’ve been left out of the game for a long time.

Heck, didn’t Araby have an official Army book at one time, or was that just the extra large battles?

Usually when I’m swamped by either work and/or family events - or having to organize activities/training for the kids. Games like these just kill my free time when I’m playing them, and while the wife is (usually) tolerant, there are periods when I really can not allow myself the indulgence of spending my time like that.