Trump 2024

So, this is something I can’t really judge.

Will this split the far-right/Trump vote OR split the Black vote (will it favor Democrats or Republicans)?

I know a definitive answer is not possible, but I would love some insightful opinions from people closer to the zeitgeist.

Didn’t he run in 2020 as well? Or was that 2016? Anyway, I forget which, but he didn’t have much of an effect.

It’s totally irrelevant, I think.

It’s a ploy to increase his profile and platform, and later he will drop out and throw his supporters to DT anyway.

Ye/Yang '24

West, running as an Independent, tallied around 60,000 votes across the 12 states in which he actually appeared on the ballot


He could run with Herschel Walker as his VP.

Palin is tanned, rested and ready.

And so is @tomchick

“And then his guests arrived.”

Since when did Breitbart consider that a bad thing?

When did Brietbart turn against the GOP?

Javanka going hardcore on principles here.

Your regular reminder that New York Times Pitchbot is a parody account.*

*In this case making fun of Republicans’ refusal to take a stand against Nazis in public, and the NYT’s/Maggie Haberman’s trafficking in private disavowals as news stories so that said Republicans can later cite those stories as “evidence” they were against it if the Nazi coup fails.

I had to look twice at that one too. Fine work from Mr. Balloon.

Very surprising and disturbing sentiments expressed there by our former helmsman.

our Once and Future King