Two Point Hospital - Theme Hospital Like


Here’s a fun trick for someone who hasn’t finished yet, a gigantic GP room. Fill it with +diagnosis items to reach guaranteed 100%. That should speed up throughput.


Just logged on to play, after not playing in a month or so, and everything is Halloween themed!

Everything’s gone spooky, including the music.


Project Hospital was just released.

{insert fancy banner like all the cool kids of QT3 do here }

Not interested in another hospital game yet but will follow to see if it ends up on a wishlist


Does this make me a cool kid? :)


It looks really good to me. The more realistic tone and deeper level of management makes it more interesting to me than Two Point Hospital which I never played. Reviews are positive so far, I might get this later today.


Looks at @TundraToad @Spect @Tim_N , it needs its own thread!



v1.08 patch notes:

  • Sandbox: Freeplay will unlock after getting 1 star in Flottering. If you’ve already got 1 star in Flottering then load your career and Sandbox will become available. You can then access it from the main menu.

  • Ability to specify diagnosis or treatment for rooms that can handle both (Ward, Psychiatry and DNA). To do this select the room, and on the room UI you will now see ‘Diagnosis’ and ‘Treatment’ buttons. These allow you to toggle the options.

  • Added visual effect for projector in Training Room

  • All staff and any patients who are leaving the hospital are not initially infected by Epidemics

  • Fixed issue with staff resigning after already having been fired

  • Fix issue where key bindings were not always being saved

  • Various bug fixes and optimisations

I’ve been waiting for Diagnosis or Treatment! Woohoo.


I’ve never come across any Halloween diseases. Any of you?


Indigestion from too much candy.

Leg cramps from too much Trick or Treating.

Pneumonia from skimpy Sexy Vampire costumes.

Sore throat from razor blades in the candied apples.

Spider Bites from unwise method acting during your stint at the haunted house.

Heart attack from the haunted house jump-scares.

Eye problems from too much face paint.

Breathing issues from improperly ventilated masks.


(or do you mean in-game?)






Pneumonia from skimpy Sexy Vampire costumes <----- worthless without pictures


I wouldn’t want to set impossible standards and make anybody hate their bodies.


I finally picked this up and made it through the first mission. The little adviser guy recommended I open a new hospital, but the option to continue the first one exists to go for more stars.

Does it matter for game balance whether I keep working on the first hospital or open the second one? If i continue on the first one I wonder if whatever rewards i get would make subsequent hospitals too easy.


I played every hospital until I covered the third star, having said that, aside from achievements I don’t care that much about, the only thing I found useful was getting more K cash to open up more fun stuff… but maybe 1/3 to 2/3 the way through I had K cash and nothing to buy.


OK, thanks Nesrie


Oh on more thing. Research carries forward, not just what you opened but like bars, so it can be handy to research more during the earlier levels because they’re easier and often cheaper, like you can afford to divert the resources. I didn’t run into this issue because I did 3 stars, but I can see where it might happen.


I don’t think the game made research available yet (or training). I’m guessing that comes during later hospitals?


Yeah. A minor spoiler, but they had it in the previous yeah. You’ll see how research works pretty easily and as you go through the level you’ll see see if more is available to research or not. If you stick with 1 star goals though you’ll probably be fine not worrying about.


Nothing caries over between hospitals, except your kudos unlocked objects (which are just decorations mainly) and research. And even then you have to advance to a level before previous levels can research the new tech you get on that level.

So build up each level of rush through. I did/am doing a mix of both!