Videos 2017 - YouTube and Beyond


Well that got taken down in a hurry.
Because it’s so good, Here’s another link.
This link works, for now anyway.


This isn’t an official video, but I feel like it should be:

Edit: huh, so apparently that kid, Ryan Wyer, went on to direct the first Aphex Twin music video in 17 years last year.

Very cool!


In case you don’t know… he opens saying “I’ll kill the rat”. When he’s reaching for the door, the word he says a lot of times by the end is “mãe”, which is Portuguese for “mom”. By the end he says “it jumped at me, mom! mom!” and some other stuff I couldn’t quite get.

So yeah… our brave rat catcher was screaming like a little girl and calling his mom.


No, I did not understand the language, so thanks for the translation!
However, his meaning throughout the video was clear in any language. :)


Best local news interviews:

And Part 2:


Saw this via a reddit gif:

The new animated GIFs thread that is ONLY posts with animated GIFs in them!

Futility: Thy name is Velcro.




There are certain things that scare the shit out of me. This video has three of them.


That’s like a rule34 entry for a lake


Drones, heights, and glory holes?


Falling, drowning and claustrophobia.


Er, yes…that’s what I was thinking as well.


But now that I consider it, assuming that I’d ever be in a scenario that combined the three, I’d die of fright. Which, on the whole, I don’t fear as much.


I was going to say water, heights, and the eye of Cthulhu.


My guess is footage, the z-axis, and the failure of ACA repeal.


Apparently, modern blacksmithing to create real-life versions of fantasy weapons is a thing.


You never know what you might see in Burger King.