Walking Dead on AMC


Am I posting a picture of zombies or the people who still slog on watching the show…can’t tell the difference myself anymore.


If you squint, that zombie up front kind of looks like Bill Murray. And the zombie to the left of him might could be Samantha Bee. And the zombie to the left of her could be a young Kevin Bacon. The zombie to the right of Bill could be a young Jon Stewart. Maybe?


Right zombie is clearly Adam Driver.


I’ve enjoyed this season more than the last few. Yeah there are silly things that don’t make much sense, but that has always been true of the show. Last night though, ugh. I just ended up fast forwarding through it to see if anything happened.


Yet another episode with very sloppy writing and execution. You have a community of people terrified of discovery by outsiders, but their security is so lax that Tara just walks into the center of their compound before being discovered. Once the decision is made, rather than just shoot or stab her right there in the compound, they concoct an elaborate plan to lead her off into the woods to kill her while she’s taking out a walker? It’s not really that challenging to secure what appears to have been a barrier island with a single bridge leading over to it.

Speaking of bridges…how in the hell did all those walkers get into the sand piles? When Tara and whatshisname rolled up to the bridge, the mainland end was secured by dumpsters pushed into place to provide a blockade. It appeared the far end was secured by the trucks and their sand piles, but then when Tara came back with the girl, they had to climb up over dumpsters at the island end as well, BEFORE they reached the trucks and sand piles. So what were the trucks doing there, and what was with the walker infested sand piles? Did someone use the trucks to lure in the walkers, then dump the sand on them? Were the sand walkers the former residents of the bridge village, and someone else killed them with the sand piles? It made no sense. The sand piles were simply monster closets.

I am becoming more disappointed in this season with every episode.


At some point they’re going to run into a community run by Dwarf Fortress players and that thing will be impregnable. There’ll be double-airlocked draw bridges, training weapon adventure rooms and cat-based defensive systems. And lava.


There was a new episode of TWD last night? My DVR didn’t record it. Hmm… might be trying to tell me something.


Definitely trying to tell you something. It wasn’t awful, just slow, boring and unnecessary.


I would pay to see Tom as a guest on Talking Dead.


Why? It would be just like, “HA HA You’re still watching The Walking Dead?” and then a cut to commercial.


This week’s episode was without a doubt the worst episode of the entire show.


It was difficult to tell which played in to what. Did the writing seem so bad because the acting was so wretched? Or was it the other way around? But… wow. Just… wow.


I don’t think that needed 90 minutes.


I didn’t think it was too bad, but yeah, they could have made it an hour. I have always thought they drag the show out too much trying to develop characters who more often than not aren’t that interesting.

Interesting that zombies “die” when they lose their arms now. Also Dwight saying he watches TV all night was a bit weird. Guess he could mean watching DVDs, but at first it sounded a bit odd.


Coral’s missing eye makeup was really bad, I thought, which is unusual for this show. It looked like a big scab, not an empty socket.


I think the tree stand walker got it’s head smashed on the way down. It looked like the back of it’s head was caved in when he rolled it over to search it’s pockets.

They did show Dwight watching VHS tapes of Charles in Charge or something a couple weeks back when they had the Daryl-centric episode, so I assumed that’s what he was talking about, but it did sound very out of place.

They are really going out of their way to make sure we see just how brutal and psychotic Negan is. While it certainly makes viewers more invested in seeing his eventual downfall, it also makes for an increasingly unbelievable scenario with Sanctuary and the Saviors. For example, the wives. If all those women have someone else in Sanctuary whom they were originally involved with, that would make for a whole lot of animosity towards Negan. Couple that with the fact that there is obviously a huge gap in the caste system in Sanctuary, and that even the soldiers aren’t treated particularly well most of the time, and it’s nearly impossible that he’s managed to hold onto power as long as he has without an armed insurrection (which is how I assume he will be taken down eventually).

Also, I’m sorry, but Carl shows up ready to kill Negan even if it means sacrificing himself, and an hour later Negan turns his back on Carl to address the peons, no guards nearby, and Carl is holding Lucille…but does nothing. One swing Carl…one swing.


Said it before…will say it again:

Bring back the CDC cure story arc… Rick and company’s New quest it to find the cure… keeps them moving …keeps the show dynamic. Has a reachable goal.


Ha ha, we’re still watching Walking Dead!



I can’t believe I’m saying this but something DrDel said intrigues me: has there ever been a zombie apocalypse that also included a real cure, and not just some pipe dream or endless goose chase? I can’t think of one.


I am a bit late catching up since we finally got caught up this year, but what was so funny about this is this is exactly what my wife does to me when I try to give her a fist bump. We both looked at each other when that happened, heh.