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I think also Eugene revving up his old story about working for the CDC on top-secret shit is part of this too; to impress upon them that they really have someone valuable in him so as not to be too disposable while laying on the poor and the pitiful routine to assure them he’s docile and subservient in the extreme. That look at the end said it all; when Negan was not around he’s showing his true, much more confident than ever, self.

Note: I am not familiar with and have not read the source material and I’m not interested in being spoiled about anything Eugene may or may not have up his sleeve.


So an episode devoted to Negan and Eugene? If Rosarita had any screen time, it would have achieved Cartoonish Character critical mass.



I like Eugene, so didn’t hate that episode. And he most definitely was grinning after turning around in the scene mentioned above. He might still be a coward, but he’s a coward with a plan.


I dunno how smart Eugene actually is though. He’s got macgyver skills, but some of the stuff he says is dumb enough that I’m surprised no one calls him on it.

Like, “Oh, I can’t tell you about this stuff I did, because it was classified.”

Oh really? Classified by the people who are all dead now? That’s nonsense.


I didn’t say it was a good plan…


Ugh this show seems determined to be the Young and the Legless for the first 55 minutes and then squeeze out some semblance of plot for the last 5


Well, that’s a perfectly good 50-minute nap I missed out on by watching that episode.

Is it just me, or is there zero chemistry between Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira? There’s ten times as much heat in the Rick/Daryl bromance.

Also, I forget, did we find out why the junk people talk funny? It’s because they have a communal mind or some such thing?



“Negan is a threat to all of us. We need to find as many guns as we can and take him out as soon as possible!”
“Look at all those guns over there. Let’s get them and go back and kill Negan before he can hurt anybody else!”
“Nah. Let’s just hang here for a couple of days and make out.”


They’re just a bunch of weird emos.


50 minutes? I learned my lesson long ago. Fast forward through most of it, and just watch the parts that look like they might be interesting. I don’t watch much. I really have no idea why I still watch this show. I guess I hope to enjoy it again like I did with seasons 2-4.


What a shit episode.


[quote=“tomchick, post:5547, topic:54128, full:true”]
Also, I forget, did we find out why the junk people talk funny? It’s because they have a communal mind or some such thing?[/quote]

It’s so jarringly out of place…like somehow they exist 50 years after the zombie apocalypse but it’s only been 18 months for everyone else. I suspect that group is going to be the red shirts in the final battle with the Saviors, so maybe it’s best they too weird for us to get attached to?

Speaking of weird…the carnival of horrors. I understand (from watching Talking Dead) that the idea was that it was a school, they had been having a carnival shortly before everything went to hell, and that it was being used as a evacuation zone of some sort so that explains the rides, the amount of people and the soldiers. After that it all comes apart.

Michonne and Rick say it looks like a battle happened there, and probably not too long after the initial apocalyptic events. They speculate either a horde attacked the camp or other people attacked. The problem with that is that nearly all the dead soldiers still had their rifles slung over their backs. If it was an attack, they’d have been using/firing them. Also, there was not a single walker inside the building where all the supplies, cots and other stuff was kept. If it was being used as an evac center, people would have been inside, even if it was just soldiers and a couple of medical people. Instead all the people and soldiers seemed to be just wandering around the carnival grounds, there was even one insdie the little ticket booth. Why the hell would someone have died trapped inside the ticket booth?! The whole thing made very little sense at all…usually I like these little “here’s a mysterious scene from the events of the apocalypse, try to put together the story” backdrops, but this one was just stupid. It was just a cheap setup for finding easy guns and supplies and having lots of zombie smashing fun.


Has it really only been 18 months?


I don’t think they ever say for sure, but thus far the show has only shown a single winter (having occurred between the time they left Herschal’s farm and the discovery of the prison), and there hasn’t been any scene with a “2 Years Later” title card or anything, so at this point most viewers seem to put the timeframe at between 18 and 24 months since Rick awakened.


On some level, that much time can’t have passed, because the gasoline in cars is still good. I’m not sure what the halflife on gasoline without stabilizers is, but I think it’s only like 3 years tops.

Just looked it up… turns out, gasoline only lasts for a few months on its own, and even with an added stabilizer, it’ll only last 1-2 years, tops.

So basically it’s already bullshit in the show, as none of the gas powered vehicles should still be working.


I think the best indicator is Rick’s daughter. Looks 2 or so, right?


Its sad when the best episode of the season so far is the Eugene episode.


That was my thought exactly when they said “it looks like there was a battle here”. Uh, no it doesn’t. Dudes have guns on their backs. That’s the exact opposite of a battle.

So dumb. So so dumb. I mean, I’m glad we got a carnival level and all, but it was the equivalent of a crappy budget game made in Unity by some shady Russian developers. Also, an “oh no, Rick is dead!!!” scare? Really? Please. At least Glenn hid under a dumpster. Rick hides inside some sort of flimsy prize box.



As I said before, this was a shit, wheels-spinning-in-place episode, with a eye-rollingly bad OMG RICK!!! stinger (complete with horrifically fake CGI deer).

And the “well, I guess that solves our gun problem” deus ex machina. Ugh. You know, here’s a better way of handling this, something I thought up on the 30 seconds it took for me to go into the bathroom:

“In one of the earlier episodes this season, character(s) X,Y, and Z stumble on a national guard armory. Nice, but the place is an obvious death-trap, filled to the brim with walkers, and is just too tough of a nut for even an experienced zombie-killing team to handle. So, regretfully, the leadership of Alexandria crosses it off their to-do list. Now, backs against the wall, the survivors must take the horrific risks to get their hands on the weaponry inside…”

See? Christ, that wasn’t hard, and it’s 100x better than “yeah a big battle here, URP DURP”


Oh shit, I forgot about that.

So Rosita has managed to survive this long, not to mention having been in the military at some point, and she still doesn’t know enough not to blindly step into a house that hasn’t been cleared?

Even Norabunga would know better.