Walking Dead on AMC


While I love Fear the Walking Dead, its due to them moving around from location to location and having lots of new characters.

The Walking Dead has been in the Alexandria / Hilltop / Sanctuary location for what now, like 5 seasons?


How much time has passed in the show now since the initial disaster? Is there any sign yet of how the country or world fares overall?


Ugh, not really enjoying the Whisperers storyline thus far. Slow and kind of dumb. When they emerged out of the woods to shuffle in rows and stand in front of Hilltop my first thought was “How stupid are these people?”. I mean, if I ran Hilltop, I’d have stockpiled a handful of automatic weapons and ammunition for exactly such an occasion. Use the bladed weapons on the walkers day-to-day, but in the event a large number of human enemies attack, or a herd of walkers descends on Hilltop, a handful of guns would eliminate the threat quickly and safely from the top of those walls.

Of course, since it’s TWD we’re supposed to assume that most of the firearms are now non-functional or out of ammunition and no new guns or ammo could be found/made in the 6 years or whatever since Negan was defeated. In America, where there are like 10 guns per person, which is more like 10,000 guns per person now that most persons are zombies.


I am caught up, and its alright.

Hilltop never had guns, and what few the Saviors had , were destroyed.

The show is pretty good when very little of the older cast is being used.

I haven’t followed the comic, but I am guessing Negan is eventually going to kick some Whisper ass.


Did we ever find out who let Negan out? Is the implication that Judith let him out to test him? That can’t be right. I mean, she’s a precocious little girl who can withstand the recoil of a cannon-sized handgun, but she doesn’t seem given to that sort of 3D chess.

But if that’s not what happened, are we supposed to think there’s a Negan sympather in the ranks who might turn traitor? Or did Negan just dream it all?



Nobody. The door just accidentally wasn’t shut properly due to other drama.


I thought it was better than average last night, although it’s a shame that Divine isn’t around to play Alpha.


So are those sentient zombies I see there?




P.S. They’re people in zombie skins who have learned to just get along with the undead.


I did like the way the girl’s story about when she was younger played out although, yes, it was somewhat predictable.

And the Alpha is appropriately/satisfyingly creepy I think.


So I’m confused why they inserted a flashback for the B-story, from back when Jesus was alive. That felt awfully random. I liked it, and I liked how playful it was. But what was the point? All I really got from it is that The Walking Dead is too cheap a show to actually license any well-known motown.

Also, Henry might be the dumbest character from all nine seasons. Am I forgetting anyone dumber than Henry when it comes to surviving in a zombie apocalypse? I’m pretty sure he takes the cake.



It gave us a littttllle more info about the split between Maggie & Michonne I think. But yes it was jarring; I wasn’t sure immediately whether the next scene was present day or when.

He probably wins the award for sustained idiocy; there has been plenty of individual stupid from many others of course. Rick’s GF’s kid at Alexandria who got him and his Mum eaten while the dead were overrunning Alexandria springs to mind…in his defence that would have been terrifying.


I think the purpose of the B-story flashback was twofold. First, it put what the Kingdom people were doing into perspective. Ezekiel has the Magna Carta, and takes it very seriously, hence his idea for the Fair and his desire to present the document there, and his side-side-quest to loot the poster box. Secondly, it sets up the idea that the settlements are going to need to unite again for common cause, in this case The Whisperers, and with each settlement now being at least partially led by “original” group members (Tara, Daryl and Carol), that looks a lot more likely.

Henry is a dumbass, but then again, if you came to Hilltop as a teenage boy expecting to romance Enid, and instead got the consolation prize of crazy girl who wears a dead person’s skin for a hoodie and eats worms, you’d probably be pretty messed up too. When they kissed all I could think was “Dear lord, her breath must be horrid.”

I didn’t catch what she said to her mother when she was released, but I assume she’s played everyone and the Whisper’s will now use the super secret woodpile bolt hole to gain entry to Hilltop. I would hope at least Daryl is smart enough to realize the girl knows about that, and either lock it down or trap it somehow.


So Sundays episode was pretty good, up until the couple challenged the Alpha , and then just stood there and waited to get killed. Wtf was that?


I can’t take anyone seriously when they’re wearing those zombie masks and whispering. It’s like they’re trying to be the Crypt Keeper, but their parents are asleep upstairs.

I sure do feel foolish for writing something called How The Walking Dead Got Good Again only, what, five episodes ago? So much for that trend…



While watching this episode, I was thinking man I bet Tom wish he had titled that piece. “How the Walking Dead stop sucking for a while”


Once upon a time you had to cover yourself in walker guts to blend in. Now you just have to wear a Halloween mask and slump.


I’m still enjoying the show since the new showrunner took over last fall - it’s substantially improved.

I do think my opinion is influenced by the comics, however. Not because of my love of them, but because of my utter disdain for this ridiculous storyline in the comics. Somehow this showrunner has managed to turn an absurd story and villains into something that at least kind of works, and they certainly seem a lot more threatening than they did in the comics, in part because the show has injected an entire “breakdown of the communities” subplot which was absent in the comics. In the comics, the communities are doing so well by this point, and essentially have armies of well equipped horsemen, that a bunch of fools shambling around with knives seemed contrived and ridiculous - and who would want to remain “on that side” when the communities were clearly not vulnerable and were clearly better lifestyles with no concerns. In the show, at least, the communities seem a lot more precarious and don’t have endless ammunition and guns, etc. They just have Darryl’s super-dog.


Going strictly by the show, as I’m not a comics reader, I can see how The Whisperers came into being. With enclaves falling left and right in the early months to both the dead and other humans, it would have seemed like a good idea to become nomadic, always moving from temporary camp to temporary camp, and how once people figured out that you could pass among the dead by looking/smelling/acting like them, the group would adapt that as camouflage at first, then use it to turn the dead into both a defense and a weapon.

But like Desslock mentions, even with Hilltop, The Kingdom and Alexandria kind of struggling right now, that wouldn’t be obvious from the outside looking in. Instead, anyone coming across any of those places would see an enclave that was developed enough and strong enough to have survived for YEARS at this point, and that should be an immediate attraction to people who have been struggling to get by as nomads for all this time. Basically, if the Whisperers had happened in the first few months of the existence of the settlements, I could see a basis for their belief that nothing is permanent, that all communities fall. But right now, at this point in the zombie apocalypse, it makes no sense at all that the majority of Whisperers wouldn’t see Hilltop and immediately be like “fuck this zombie mask bullshit, what can we do to either join these people or just kill them and take over their settlement?!”

On the other hand, this all seems redundant with Alpha/Beta taking over for Negan/Simon as leaders of yet another group of people being terrorized by the handful of people in charge. Only this time instead of guns and trucks they have gross masks and pet zombies.


Wait till they find out the movie is Ernest Goes to Camp.