Warframe: silly named F2P coop TPS


Someone talk me out of buying Loki Prime please. I know he’s likely the next in line to be unvaulted but I’ve wanted this frame pretty much since the day I started playing.

@J_Thomas: thanks for the suggestions. Once I experience the fight I’ll probably have a better idea of what works and what doesn’t but it’s nice to have a starting point.

Also, how viable is it to attack Eidolons solo? I’ve read that the small vombawhateverlysts flock to them when the fight starts so I was thinking it might be a good way to farm the intact cores quickly, at least to the point where I could upgrade my amp a bit.


Well, I caved in and bought Loki anyway lol. And Primed Reach + Primed Pressure Point on top cough. Burned through all my trades for the fourth day in a row, crazy. And all kinds of items sell too, which is a nice surprise. There must be a lot of new players out there.

On the other hand, doing Lith relics in public games is an absolute nightmare now lol.



Bought it unrolled (but maxed out for some reason??) for 60pl today on a whim because I just crafted Boar Prime. Man did I scream a little when I rolled that beauty.

I haven’t used this gun since MR4, let’s see if it still holds up :)


PoE has passed cert on xbox and is being released next Tuesday (11/14). Can’t wait.

I’m now getting into farming relics for Prime parts to sell for plat (need more slots!). I have sooooo many relics, but, of course, I did the ones with parts I actually need (for syndicate upgrading) first, but the RNG gods hate me. Kind of boring, but eh, what am I going to do, go back to Destiny 2?


I played Ash in yesterday’s sortie as a bit of a lark; I thought I would have to be carried, based on my time with Ash in the Plains.

Quite the opposite, as it turns out—Blade Storm, doing finisher damage, and slash procs, doing finisher damage, are a potent combo against high-level Grineer armor. I was at the top of the damage and kills charts, in particular on the final-stage defense mission with level 100 enemies. I ended up using Blade Storm almost exclusively. Not only is it some guaranteed invincibility to let shields recharge, it also vacuums up things dropped by your targets, like energy orbs.

On that note, the most important part of an Ash build, in my opinion, is 75% efficiency (and probably Zenurik and/or Energy Siphon). All of Ash’s damage and survivability comes from abilities, and they don’t need a tremendous amount of power to be endgame useful. (I think I’m running the standard Continuity/Intensify/Streamline, plus Fleeting Expertise to top out efficiency, but I don’t remember offhand.)

I still say Ash gets a bad rap as far as meta goes. Between Ash, Inaros, Trinity Prime, and Frost Prime, I feel like I have a solid stable of endgame frames. I’m still a little short on weapons, but I’m building Opticor right now, which I’ve been seeing a lot of lately.


I learned some new information about status focused shotguns (the ones that have pellets, so not Arca Plasmor for example) today, thanks to reddit. If you get their status chance to 100% before any multishot mods are applied every pellet will proc a status effect. If it’s at 99.9% or lower however that chance will get distributed between pellets, lowering the chance significantly. So after a few good protips provided by the shotgun experts on reddit I modded my Boar Prime with 4x dual stat mods to achieve the glorious 100% status chance. And it is mental. I went to a kuva flood mission (lvl 80-100) enemies and the armor on them was literally melting away. The only downside is that I have to use Blast along with Corrosive, and since blast knocks enemies down it’s harder to get headshots.

Oh, and did I mention it’s an automatic shotgun? Here’s some rare footage of the gun in action, clearing a hallway of baddies:


New patch coming tomorrow on the PC, including the new infestation event:


New patch, new gamebreaking bugs. I want to say I’m surprised but after witnessing their hotfixes this last month I simply can’t.


I feel you.

Look, my game sometimes stops updating the screen. Game is still running, sounds about right with my inputs, but the screen just… stops. Restart, change display mode to disable DX 10 and DX 11, runs ok. After a while, turn game off, reenable DX 10 and DX 11, no issues. Also, play in borderless windowed mode since I found it more stable than fullscreen.

Why? Who knows. But there’s a reason it’s still Beta. Probably won’t ever leave Beta, to be honest…


Promo code: FN6B-8RML-MLH6-GM2N. Free Vectis with Orokin Catalyst and a weapon slot.




Thanks too!


In other news, I finally got a 75%-off platinum login reward, so I’m pretty much set for life.



Are you guys all from the US? I’d like to put a casual team for some Eidolon hunting together in the near future but I’m from the EU timezone.


I’m EU, GMT, Portugal…


I’m on the US east coast, but given some advance warning it’s usually even odds that I can make something in the evening in Europe on weekends.


And I’m in Brazil. Currently, GMT-2.


Which frames do you guys really find benefit from power at the expense of efficiency? Frost, for sure if you’re into the globes.

I finally focused on farming some corrupted mods, and two bump power significantly, but one (blind rage) kills my efficiency which I’ve found challenging for my primary frames (Valkyr, Equinox, Trinity)


Downloaded this today, and the first hour has me hooked. Or at least very interested :) Two questions:

  • Are there any youtubers with great introductions for new players? Is there someone streaming Warframe the way Party Elite handles Warhammer?

  • Are there any purchases I really should make? I don’t mind spending some money, and I’m eyeing the Steam packs. But I don’t want to spend money on something I could have easily earned in-game

The combat in this is just great :)


I can’t speak to that; I find myself with a lot of frames that benefit from efficiency at the expense of duration. Fleeting Expertise is a great mod to have in your arsenal.

Depends on your definition of ‘easy’, mostly. I would say save your starting platinum to buy slots, and wait for a platinum discount login reward to buy. There are a number of frames (Mesa, Nidus, some might say Ivara) which can be difficult or frustrating to farm, and those are good candidates to buy.

Weapons you can skip, in my opinion; the other thing to spend money on are Orokin Catalysts and Orokin Reactors, which double the mod capacity of a weapon or frame. There are alerts for blueprints now and then, but I never have enough of them.